School Council Meeting Minutes – September 2023

Posted October 30, 2023

School Council Meeting

DATE: Monday, September 2023

Next meeting: Monday October 2nd 2023 @ 6 pm



Agenda Item Notes
●        Review Tonight’s Agenda (any declarations of conflict)

●       Welcome



●     Overview of School Council

●     Review Council Position Descriptions

Nominations and elections at the end of this meeting

Chair/Co-Chair – Krystal Gorza

Nominated for Chair by Tina Coates & Melanie Daley,- accepted

Tina Coates self- nominated c-chair second by Krystal Gorza – accepted

SecretaryDefer or rotating minutes pending review of rules

Treasurer – Andrew James nominated by Melanie Daley, second by Tina Coates- accepted in person to Tina Coates

Parent RepresentativeNot voted on

Community RepresentativeN/A



●     Social Media Overview

●     Fundraising Plan (Spiritwear, pizza, Pita Pit, etc.)

●     Playground  (ie., Repairs, next steps)

Social Media Overview


●       Facebook page, closed to comments

●       HHES Parent Group not associated with HHES or Council

●       Posts limited to HHES specific news/events/fundraising


Fundraising Plan

●       Main fundraiser – Pizza days

●       Melanie Daley has agreed to coordinate pizza days, will be contacting previous year volunteers for pizza day support

●       MacMillans Fundraiser – Successful in the past, will continue – Parent concern that lower income families not accessible, requests option that is more financially inclusive

●       Fundraiser suggestions/Ideas

  •  Gift Card Fundraiser – Fundscript
  • Pita Pit – requires someone to              coordinate/volunteers (Meets PPM 150)
  • Mary Browns contacted HHES admin
  • Does not meet PPM 150

Playground Update/Next Steps

●       Phase Two – Coordinate with high school for planter boxes/musical walls etc (delayed due to construction in 2022-23 school year)

●       Phase Three – Landscaping

●       Playground Funds also used to repair natural playground, repair/update metal playgrounds as necessary


●       Admin request re: Playground

Dedicated Kindergarten recess space   being considered – Once actioned, can funds be put towards a playground/enrichment option in that area


Treasurer’s Report:

●       Start up

●       Clubs:

●       Playground:

●       General:


●       36 604.73


●       0.00


●       565.42


●       4 193.16


●     PIC meeting dates

●     Winter holiday event OR Winter Season fundraiser

PIC Meeting Date for September


Held 1/month at Board office in Guelph, open invitation with virtual option to attend (Link to be distributed by Chair/Secretary/Admin)



Teacher Report: Julie Bannon Good first week, students and staff excited to return

Positive vibes throughout HHES!

Admin. Report:


Meet the Teacher Night -Wed Oct 4, 2023 from 5:30-7 – Krystal & Tina to attend on behalf of HHES School Council


Tammy Fleming:

●       Positive feel in the school

●       Kids excited about construction being finished (tour next meeting)

●       No portables in use at the moment

●       Classes going to plowing match next week (Week of Sept 18)

●       Terry Fox, Soccer, Cross country coming up

●       2 days a week hot breakfast program in partnership with the high school hospitality program – Goal is to start October 2023



●       Class/School reorganization

●       3.5 kinder classes, (20,20,20,14) losing small class – kindergarten classes at 28 or so (below ministry cap)

●       Losing a staff member (lowest seniority in building)

●       Some students shifted into other classes – Happens on Friday Sept 15th, Parents of affected students notified beforehand

General Discussion ●       Parking feedback – Logistics/Space issue with highschool staff and students and HHES parents

●       Safety concerns with some walking routes, Kiss & ride logistics (walking through heavily trafficked parking lot with new drivers)

●       Tammy Fleming to reach out to the board regarding safety concerns, parking


●       Raz Kids – No longer Boards preferred reading program for primary grades, replaced by Spark, kids SK – gr 4 will receive licences after reorg, with consideration for licences past grade 4 given to resource students who would benefit

Minutes for HHES School Council September 2023 meeting taken by:  Krystal Gorza




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