School Council Meeting Minutes – Oct 2023

Posted November 7, 2023


Agenda Item Notes
●      Review Tonight’s Agenda (any declarations of conflict)

●     Welcome



●    Pizza Update (Melonie)

●     Fundraising Plan (Spiritwear, pizza, Pita Pit, etc.)

–       Holiday Night


●     Playground  (ie., Repairs, next steps)


●     Secretary Update



Pizza Update

–       Melonie is absent

–       Pizza cost update – previously 7.99/pizza (2.50/slice, .99 cents cost, 1.51 profit)

8.99/pizza (2.50/slice, $1.12 cost, 1.35 profit) – Do we keep charging the same?

–       Tuesdays confirmed with Dominoes, 3 volunteers so far, post to socials – goal is 2 people/week


Playground update?

–       Construction complete, reach out to Jason re: the net – what options to replace the net feature

–       Tammy will update after inspection


Fundraising ideas?



Secretary update (Tina?) – Sarah Kaulback



Still need babysitters

Treasurer’s Report:

●     Start up

●     Clubs:

●     Playground:

●     General:

Andrew –


36 604.71 – Playground

4 193.16 – Fundraising Account

-565 in pizza



–       Allocate start up funds for clubs (50/teacher) – 500 in club fund approved


Scientist in the school – IF they come in person, support it – No to virtual – motion to wait for pricing to transfer money


Artist in the school – Dufferin Art Council ? Will circle back (Tammy suggested 1-4, 5-8, 3 activities round robin etc)



Breakfast Club – Presidents Choice Food & Friends funds it, requires council fundraising

–       Consider funding 1 month of the program (800-1 000 dollars)

–       Voted and passed – $1500 funding





●     PIC meeting dates

●     Winter holiday event OR Winter Season fundraiser

●      $500 Council fund

$500 Council Fund

–       PIC suggestions to spend focus on parent involvement (info sessions, Parent Resource Center with school info etc, social ‘meet and greet’ at start of meetings, funds covering snacks an drink, ad space for school/council)


Winter Holiday Event/Fundraiser

–       Who can commit/wants to do the holiday event? Other suggestions?


Lauren & ______ – volunteer for winter fundraiser (Funscript)

Spiritwear suggestion : graduating class year t shirts

Teacher Report: Julie Bannon


Terry Fox run – terrific event –

Food Drive took place – successful

Jr & Intermediate soccer tournaments last week

Cross Country meet tomorrow

Intramural volleyball tryouts starting

Opening library every day at 1st recess for kids to come in

M Obermyer – hoping to join us at council

Admin. Report:


Tammy :

Breakfast club – Highschool hospitality serves Tuesdays and Thursdays (hot food options)

Cold breakfast (M,W,F) – would like to offer

–       Hosted on the stage, would like/need volunteers –


Meet the Teacher – Oct 4 2023 5 30-7

Oct 10 – Picture Day


Staff learning focusing on diagnostic assessments to know where kids are at to target learning gaps


Board has hired transitional teachers/support/early reading teachers – 1 transitional support teacher working with kids moving into lower level math (3&6)

1 early reading teacher assisting grades 2&3

Partnering with Carlton Uni –



X amount of money for Kindergartens – what can we do? (Consider 10K)

–       Balancing logs

–       Meeting with kinder teachers & Jason

–       Potentially need 3 bids again



General Discussion Halloween – orange and black or dress up?

–       Combo of O&B and costumes



Parking pushback – Contact Damon (email)





Suggestions : Paint Night, Movie Night ( Parent Council Funds ideas)


Movie night – before PA Day


Minutes for HHES School Council __October___ 2023 meeting taken by:  Krystal Gorza

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