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Save the Future

“Save your Pennies Today –
Save the Future Tomorrow!”
1969 – until the present
Still going strong


The double-R—- Ross Royals symbol is often used to remind the whole John F. Ross C.V.I. community that respect works two ways: you have to give it and it is given to you in return.

This idea is reiterated as the students and staff of the John F. Ross’ family continuously demonstrate their generous spirit in various ways!! Spearheaded by students and staff looking to make a difference, Royals past and present have shown we are a great school and we really care about our community and the world. 

For the first 25 years, the weekly collections evolved around and sponsored overseas children through the Save the Children program. The name was then changed to Save the Future.

We also collect Campbells’ soap labels, Zehrs’ grocery tapes and Canadian Tire money for donations in kind. 

The character of our family supports local, national and international charities through weekly money collections. Registered charities are chosen by the students in the STF committee as well they count donations, research and inform the students and staff about the issues being raised. Morning announcements, posters ad bulletin boards help to raise awareness of particular needs.

Give yourselves a huge round of applause.  
You deserve it Royals!! 

Save the Future Service Award

The Save the Future Service Award recognizes our committee’s non-returning graduates who exhibited outstanding leadership and commitment to helping others in our local, national and global community. 

The recipients embody the spirit of giving and dedication. They could always be counted on to attend the weekly meetings and have been instrumental in motivating staff and students. They have completed every aspect of service including researching charities, creating posters, making announcements, counting money, hours and hours of coin rolling and mentoring new club members.
The Save the Future Service Award is presented each year at the School’s Annual Awards Assembly in June.
Congratulations and thank you for their leadership in helping to make a difference!

2003  Kaitlin Breton-Honeyman
Shairoze Walji 
2004 Lizzie Kuczynski
Erica Pufall 
2005  Jenny Peebles   
2007 Kaitlyn Ritchie
Shatabdi Nandi  
2009 Ryan Sullivan
Siddharth Sadanand  
2011 Hala Ahmed