Healthy Schools Recognition Program

What is the recognition program?

(from”The Healthy Schools Recognition Program promotes and celebrates healthy behaviours and practices in Ontario’s schools. Schools pledge to take on a healthy activity in their school – and receive recognition for it. Schools can start a new activity or build on an existing one.

The Premier and the Minister of Education will recognize participating schools with a certificate and pennant. A list of participating schools will also be posted on the Ministry of Education’s website.

Why participate?

Research shows that a healthy school environment supports student success. Students, teachers and the larger community benefit when children learn in a healthy school.”

Healthy Activities promoted by Ken Danby School:

  • Walking or biking to school is encouraged as the healthiest choice for students.
  • Nutrition and the four food groups is taught as part of the curriculum.
  • Two mornings a week we offer all students a healthy snack, including fruits and vegetables, to begin their day.
  • School council has supported the “no junk” food fundraiser mandate. Instead of selling chocolate bars we have a physically active “Dance-a-thon”.
  • We maintain the 20 minutes a day “DPA” (Daily Physical Activity) program for all students.
  • A wide variety of intramural and sports teams are offered throughout the year.
  • Articles about healthy lunch choices and nutrition tips are included in our newsletter.
  • To promote social health we subscribe to the “Tribes” character education philosophy, and undertake a number of anti-bullying activities including participating in “Pink Shirt Day”.
  • A healthy school includes caring about and creating a healthy planet. Ken Danby P.S. undertakes numerous environmental initiatives and is a gold EcoSchool.