September Start Up Information For Families

Posted August 31, 2020

Hello Everyone!

A big thank you to all of our Minto-Clifford families for being so patient. We know that making plans without start-up information is extremely difficult. The link below outlines procedures and routines for our September start up.  This is a long document, but it is worth the read so that you can help prepare your child(ren) for our routines as we prepare to transition back into school. Minto staff will be available to help, guide and support your child(ren) as they get used to being back at school.

Please note, this document will be updated if any changes are made.

Although we have tried to explain and think of everything, we know that once your child(ren) settle back into school, we may need to “tweak” this plan. We appreciate your support, understanding, and continued patience through this process.

Together, we can make this unique start up a positive experience for all. If you have questions once school starts, please reach out to our staff.

Link:   September Start Up 2020-2021



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