UGDSB introducing new grade 7/8 Mental Health Literacy Modules to support student mental health and well-being

Posted February 27, 2024

GUELPH, ON – The Upper Grand District School Board will be delivering modules to grade 7/8 students to enhance mental health literacy.   

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education introduced a series of modules to support the existing mental health literacy expectations within the grades 7 and 8 Health and Physical Education curriculum. It is important to note that this is not new learning; this is a way to enhance the delivery of the existing curriculum and focus on mental health literacy.   

This series includes three 40-minute modules per grade. These modules will be delivered by UGDSB educators to support the existing mental health literacy expectations within Strand D of the Health and Physical Education curriculum.    

The goal of this learning is to help equip students with inclusive, culturally responsive, evidence-informed knowledge, skills, and strategies to support their mental health and well-being. This work aligns with the UGDSB Strategy for Student Mental Health and Well-being, UGDSB Multi-year Plan and supports the board’s commitment to mentally healthy classrooms for all.   

These modules were created after extensive consultation with parents/caregivers, students, cultural and community organizations.   

There are important reasons to bring these modules into the classroom, including: 

  • Student desire to learn more about mental health at school. Learn more.  
  • This learning helps students develop skills that support positive mental health.  
  • Mental health learning supports learning in all other areas.  
  • This learning can encourage conversations and help students in need reach support.  
  • As caring adults in the lives of young people, UGDSB staff want students to be well. 

An introductory video about these modules is available here.    

The board is committed to the mental health of Upper Grand students. The UGDSB will provide training for all grade 7 and 8 Health and Physical Education staff. It will also provide information about this initiative for parents/caregivers in multiple languages. The UGDSB will be collecting outcome data on student learning and knowledge increase.  

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