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UGDSB Multi-Year Plan

The Upper Grand District School Board’s Multi-Year Plan (2022-2026) outlines the key directions that guide the board’s actions for the students and communities the UGDSB serves. The priorities for the board are bold and reflect the diversity and uniqueness of Upper Grand students and school communities.

UGDSB’s Purpose, Vision and Priorities

Our Purpose: To inspire a love of learning and develop engaged, globally literate citizens.

Vision 2026: To be recognized as leaders in creating unparalleled, agile, and inclusive learning experiences for all.

Our Plan:

We will…

We will…

We will…

MYP Plan on a Page

The graphic below highlights the five main priorities of the MYP 2022-2026. 

Infographic with different colours and text. The priorities of the UGDSB shown on the graphic are Foundational Education and Student Achievement, Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Learning, Championing Health and Well-being, Ensuring Equity of Access and Outcomes, and Leading through Sustainability. The board's enablers are: foster engaging and supportive learning environments; strengthen and grow community relationships; and continuously learn, evaluate and improve.

Our Action Plan – Let’s GO! UGDSB

let's go! is our plan of action...accomplishing ambitious goals through attainable outcomes to realize vision 2026.

Let’s GO! UGDSB is our plan of action that guides the system. It stands for accomplishing ambitious goals through attainable outcomes to realize Vision 2026. This is how we are taking our actions to implement the Multi-Year Plan.

Student Achievement Plan

Our Story

The UGDSB is a student-centric learning organization, and we exist to inspire a lifelong love of learning while developing globally literate citizens. From kindergarten through Grade 12, to Adult Learning Programs, our schools provide robust foundational education by fostering engaging and supportive learning environments. We commit to ensuring each student is encouraged to chart their own educational path and prepared to overcome any obstacle they may encounter along the way. At UGDSB, we promise to put students at the centre of everything we do.

UGDSB schools are more than just places to learn. Over 4,000 educators, staff, and supporters collaborate and contribute to foster inclusive, developmental environments where students can form lifelong friendships, discover their passions, and grow into responsible members of their community. UGDSB is on a journey to ensure that all learners feel that they belong and matter and can be their true selves at school. We want students to feel capable and empowered to make positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Aided by the contributions of caring volunteers and partners, we strive to create real-world opportunities for students to make a positive impact in their communities. Working closely with parents, guardians, and students themselves is a crucial piece of holding the school board accountable to keeping our student promise. 

We invite you to join us on this journey and experience for yourself what makes the UGDSB’s student-centric approach unique and impactful.

Our Logo

Featuring a large U in the symbol, our logo is a visual demonstration of our student promise: we put you, the student, at the centre of everything we do. The unique mosaic approach and diversity of colours reflects all learners at the UGDSB – a representation of how they can be their true selves at school.


Our Tagline

Like our promise, our tagline puts students at the centre. It is, essentially, shorthand: how we encapsulate our commitment to ensuring each student is encouraged to chart their own educational path.

Find Your Path


In the 2022-23 school year, the Upper Grand District School Board underwent a Multi-Year Plan (MYP) process to set the board’s priorities for 2022-2026. The Multi-Year Plan (2022-2026) was approved by the Board of Trustees at the June 28, 2022, Board Meeting. Download the June 28, 2022, MYP Executive Report.