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Summer School – Elearning

Summer 2020 Elearning Summer School Courses

Elearning in the summer provides students with the opportunity to earn credits in a variety of subject areas while maintaining some flexibility in their summer schedule. Students should expect to work a minimum of 5-6 hours every day to complete their studies.

Registration for courses offered during the Summer School 2020 session are open for registration. UGDSB students should consult their home school guidance counsellor for assistance in course planning and registration.

The following online courses are being offered by Upper Grand DSB during 2020 Summer School:


Gr. 10 Academic Canadian History CHC 2D
Gr. 10 Civics (English & French Immersion) CHV 2O/CHV 2OF
Gr. 10 Careers (English & French Immersion) GLC 2O/GLC 2OF
Gr. 10 Academic English ENG 2D
Gr. 11 University English ENG 3U
Gr. 12 College English ENG 4C
Gr. 12 University English ENG 4U
Gr. 12 University Writer’s Craft EWC 4U
Gr. 12 World Cultures HSC 4M
Gr. 12 Society Challenge & Change HSB 4U
Gr. 11 University Math – Functions MCR 3U
Gr. 12 University Math – Advanced Functions MHF 4U
Gr. 11 Health for Life PPZ 3C
Gr. 12 Introduction to Kinesiology PSK 4U

**UGDSB is a member of the Ontario eLearning Consortium. UGDSB students should consult their home school guidance counsellor to learn about additional courses of study that may be available during Summer 2020.