Newcomer to Canada

In the middle of his SWAF journey, Muamar reflects on his educational pathway decisions, accomplishments, and his goals for the future.


I was eating lunch at work in April 2019 when a woman came up to my table and started to tell me about the SWAF program that was now easily accessible for DENSO employees.

I thought, 


Is this the opportunity to change my future?


I continued to study English after finishing high school back home in Syria, but I only scratched the surface. I attended classes at St. George’s Centre for Adult ESL for over a year in and was thinking about how to continue my education.

I knew a high school diploma from Ontario would be an asset because I didn’t have any documents as proof of my education in Syria. I realized I couldn’t attend regular classes because I work rotating shifts. I almost gave up and I thought that I couldn’t do it. But yes, there it was – SWAF was the answer – what perfect timing!

As soon as I started my classes, all my fears were erased. 


The SWAF teachers create a marvelous studying environment that leads you to sparkle and shine in your studying. The flexibility, encouragement, and support that they give to students allows them to succeed and to get their high school diplomas, which will open the doors for them to continue their education and achieve their goals.


So far, I’ve completed the literacy course and my Grade 11 and Grade 12 English credits. I look forward to earning my final credits in Math and Cooperative Education.  I am confident that I will achieve my goal of completing my Ontario Secondary School Diploma and will investigate college programs in the future.