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Independent Learning

If you are 18 years or older, choose learning that fits your lifestyle. Learn at your own pace, either with teacher support or completely on your own. Each course has a 6 month completion window.


OLC 4O Ontario Literacy Course

ENG 3E Workplace English

ENG 3C College English √

ENG 3U University English √

EBT 4O Business English

ENG 4E Workplace English

ENG 4C College English

ENG 4U University English √

ETS 4U Studies in Literature

EWC 4U Writer’s Craft[/lgc_column]



MBF 3C Foundations for College Math

MCF 3M Functions

MCR 3U Functions & Relations

MEL 3E Math for Everyday Life √

MAP 4C Foundations for College Math

MCT 4C College Technology Math

MCV 4U Calculus & Vectors

MDM 4U Data Management

MEL 4E Math for Everyday Life*

MHF 4U Advanced Functions *



SBI 3C College Biology √

SBI 3U University Biology

SBI 4U University Biology

SCH 3U University Chemistry

SCH 4C College Chemistry

SCH 4U University Chemistry

SPH 3U University Physics *

SPH 4C College Physics

SPH 4U University Physics*

SNC 4E Workplace Science *


BDI 3C Entrepreneurship

BDP 30 The Enterprising Person

BAT 4M Financial Accounting

BBB 4M International Business

BOH 4M Business Leadership *[/lgc_column]

Social Studies

CGG 3O Travel & Tourism *

CHW 3M World History

CLU 3M Canadian Law

CLN 4C Legal Studies *

CHY 4U World History

HLS 3O Housing and Home Design

HPW 3C Working with Infants & Children

HSB 4U Challenge & Change in Society*


Career Studies

GPP 3O Peer Leadership

GWL 3O Designing Your Future*

Health & Phys Ed

PPZ 3C Health for Life *

Tech Studies

TOJ 4C Child Development & Gerontology


Co-op Education (student must be employed)


* Online only √ Booklets or Online

Independent Learning can be completed through booklets or online. The cost of each course is $20.00. Course material fees are non-refundable. Call us today to find out what will work best for you.

Guelph 519-836-7280 ext. 627 Orangeville 519-941-2661 Mount Forest 519-323-4840

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