The Upper Grand District School Board offers an extensive selection of summer learning opportunities for students.

Summer School Credits

Onsite (in-person) summer school will run from July 3rd - 26th, 2024. Sites in Guelph and Orangeville.

Upgrading Credits

In-person 9-day (55 hour) programs that will fall within the summer school session of July 3rd - 26th. Sites in Guelph and Orangeville.

Summer School Co-op

Two-credit program which combines in-class preparation in Spring 2024 and a work placement in July 2024.

Literacy/Numeracy Support Programs

8-day programs for Gr. 6, 7, & 8 students who would benefit from support and/or remediation in literacy and/or numeracy. Sites in Guelph and Orangeville.

eLearning Summer School

Online asynchronous courses will run from July 3rd - 26th, 2024.

Gr. 8 Reach-Ahead Credits

Gr. 8 students may earn a high school credit before entering secondary school in September. In-person and online learning opportunities.

Summer Dual Credit

Students can earn one credit towards their OSSD and 1 college credit. 8-day program in July 2024

Youth Urban Farming Program

A unique summer school opportunity that will have students help run an urban farm-to-market operation while learning about growing and marketing local produce!

Summer school allow students to:

  • make up credits that were failed or dropped during the school year
  • access courses that were not available to a student during the school year
  • read ahead in credit accumulation
  • concentrate on one subject at a time
  • maintain academic  skills over the summer break

* *Please note: students may only register for one summer school program.

For more information, contact us.