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SWAF – School Within A Factory

Do you want to earn your high school diploma? SWAF is here to help. Enroll today at www.ugdsb.ca/swaf.

The SWAF Program

The SWAF program assists adults (18 years+) who are employed full-time in manufacturing, production or warehousing wishing to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Graduates can upgrade courses or acquire prerequisite courses for university/college/apprenticeship programs.  This unique program:

Students can register for the SWAF program at any time from September to June.

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of SWAF in Guelph

SWAF in Guelph is pleased to be celebrating five years of helping adults earn their high school diploma while working in manufacturing and production industries. Overtime, the program has expanded to serve all areas of Guelph including companies both large and small. SWAF has always offered the traditional academic courses, but has recently developed a very strong Cooperative Education program that allows for unique adult experiential learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. In the past five years we have helped more than 300 adults in their educational journeys. 

We are excited to share four notable stories that illustrate the success of our students: 

Community Partners

In Guelph, SWAF currently partners with Linamar Corporation, DENSO Manufacturing, Poly-Nova Technologies, Cascades Containerboard Packaging-Bird and Lovett Signs, as well as other smaller employers working in neighbouring facilities. In North Wellington (Arthur, Mount Forest, Palmerston), SWAF currently partners with Musashi Auto Parts Inc., Dana Incorporated, TG Minto Corporation, Viking Cives and Golden Valley Farms Inc. In Dufferin, SWAF currently partners with KTH Shelburne Manufacturing Inc.

Swaf Banner 2019 Guelph 2

Swaf Banner 2019 North Dufferin


Don’t see your employer on the list above? You could still be eligible for SWAF!

Students not currently employed with one of the Community Partners listed above may be eligible for the SWAF program if they work for another local employer in manufacturing, production or warehousing.  Please contact your nearest SWAF location for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

To view answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding the SWAF program, please visit: https://www.ugdsb.ca/continuing-education/credit-courses/swaf/swaf-frequently-asked-questions/

Student Success Stories

Read the stories of individuals who enrolled in SWAF and earned their high school diploma.

SWAF is Expanding

In a continued effort to help create a better educated workforce that benefits all, expansion will continue in 2019-2020 in the established SWAF locations to bring the program to new manufacturing, production or warehousing companies and their employees. Additionally, SWAF’s future expansion plans include the communities of Orangeville, Erin and Fergus.

Potential SWAF students wanting to register or employers wishing to offer this innovative program to their employees in the planned areas of expansion are encouraged to contact Jennifer Watson for more information at [email protected]

SWAF’s History

In 2015, the SWAF program was created when the UGDSB partnered with Linamar Corporation to bring this program to their employees.  The first SWAF classroom opened in the north end of Guelph for Linamar employees, as well as, other employees working in neighbouring manufacturing or production facilities.

The SWAF program then partnered with Musashi Auto Parts Inc., Dana Incorporated and TG Minto Corporation in 2016 to establish SWAF classrooms in Arthur, Mount Forest and Palmerston to offer the program to their employees.  The program was also made available to employees working in other smaller manufacturing or production facilities in these communities in northern Wellington County.

In 2019, seven new community partnerships were established as the SWAF program grew.  The first community partnership in Dufferin County was established with KTH Shelburne Manufacturing Inc. and expansion to south Guelph created partnerships with DENSO Manufacturing, Poly-Nova Technologies, Cascades Containerboard Packaging-Bird and Lovett Signs.  Additionally, Golden Valley Farms Inc. from Arthur and Viking Cives from Mount Forest joined the SWAF program in northern Wellington County.

Contact Information

SWAF – Guelph
Jennifer Watson, SWAF Teacher
[email protected]
(519) 400-1639

SWAF – Mount Forest, Arthur, Palmerston
North Wellington Centre for Continuing Education
[email protected]
(519) 323-4840  *ask specifically for SWAF information

SWAF – Shelburne, Orangeville
Dufferin Centre for Continuing Education
[email protected]
(519) 941-2661  *ask specifically for SWAF information

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