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Night School

NEW! Spring 2020 Night School Opportunity for City of Guelph, female secondary school students!

STRONG GIRLS – A pilot program launched in the City of Guelph to support at-risk and in-risk female students who may need credits or be interested in an opportunity to earn an alternative phys ed credit. Students will develop & build stress management techniques, resiliency & leadership skills and explore the benefits of good health & wellbeing through martial arts and the techniques of self-defence. Thai chi, judo, karate (Goju Ryu), Brazilian jiu jitsu and an introduction to strength conditioning will be included in the program

Every Tuesday April 7th – June 2nd from 4:00 – 7:00 pm

See you home school guidance counsellor to get further info and to sign up!

Hybrid classes combine the benefits of face-to-face learning, online collaboration and self-paced learning – blending flexibility with a mix of instructional strategies and media.

Students can choose which location to attend face-­to‐face, and complete the online components during the rest of the week.

**As of the 2019-2020 school year, Upper Grand DSB students will register for night school classes using MyBlueprint.

Secondary school students NOT attending a high school in Upper Grand District School Board, please use the registration contained in the link below:

Registration Form (PDF for students currently enrolled in a Secondary School)

For adult students, please contact one of our offices.

2019- 2020 Night School Courses

Fall Term – Week of Oct. 8 – Week of Dec. 10

  • English, Grade 12, College & University Preparation (ENG4C, ENG4U)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC40)
  • Mathematics, Grade 12, College Technology, University Preparation (MCT4C, MHF4U)
  • Biology, Grade 11 & 12, College & University Preparation (SBI3C, SBI3U, SBI4U)

Spring Term – Week of Mar 24 – Week of May 26

  • English, Grade 12, College & University Preparation(ENG4C, ENG4U)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OLC40)
  • Mathematics, Grade 12, College Technology & University Preparation (MCT4C, MHF4U)
  • Chemistry, Grade 11 & 12, College & University Preparation (SCH3U, SCH4C, SCH4U)


Please note that the above locations are dependent on sufficient enrollment.


Course Materials Fee: $20 (non-refundable)
Adult students and students attending secondary schools outside of Upper Grand DSB, please bring your signed registration form and payment to one of our Continuing Education offices:

Payment must accompany the registration form to guarantee your spot in the class. Classes run only if there are sufficient applicants. If a course does not run due to low enrollment, you will be notified and a full refund will be provided.

Upper Grand DSB students who have registered using MyBlueprint, please bring your MyBlueprint sign off sheet and your course fee to the first night of classes.