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Student Leadership Committee

The Upper Grand District School Board’s Student Leadership Committee was formed in the 2023-24 school year. 

The idea for the committee came out of planning and consulting for the 2023-26 Student Mental Health & Well-Being Strategy. As staff moved through their engagement process and data collection to inform the development of the strategic framework, it became clear from all stakeholders that youth voice and engagement was a critical component to address. 

The 2023-2026 strategy has a separate priority area to focus on student engagement and leadership. This priority area emphasizes supporting student agency at every tier of support, from creating opportunities for student leadership within school-wide well-being initiatives to ensuring students who are receiving mental health support have a voice in their care. This is grounded in the beliefs that students have much to offer in the striving for mentally healthier schools and that greater student agency will also fuel their well-being.

The 2023-2026 Strategic Framework for Student Mental Health and Well-being is available by clicking here: Student Mental Health and Well-being Strategy (PDF)

Staff worked on a process to recruit students from UGDSB secondary schools to be a part of the Student Leadership Committee to advise the strategy. It is staff’s intention to also work alongside the student leadership group to co-create the role of the committee moving forward.  

Some of the group’s work so far includes: