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Distribution of Materials

The UGDSB as a community partner supports the communication of appropriate materials and/or information (digital and print) in its schools from specific external organizations. The board recognizes its right and responsibility to limit this type of access to students, staff, and parents/guardians/caregivers based on the board’s priorities, goals, and standards for such information. 

Printed and/or digital materials and/or information approved for distribution to students will be limited to those from the school, the school board, local municipalities, the provincial government (including health units), the federal government, or any organization with whom the school has a formal community partnership (e.g., Canadian Mental Health Association, neighbourhood groups).

Materials and/or information approved for distribution in schools from approved organizations in digital and/or print form will inform, educate, and/or create awareness of issues, events, and community activities of specific interest or benefit to students and families. 

Please refer to Policy 216 – Communications for more information.

A completed application and sample of the material must be submitted to the board four weeks in advance.

Before making your application please note the following conditions and requirements: