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UGDSB Ventilation Report

The UGDSB is continuing its work optimizing air quality in classrooms and learning environments through improving ventilation and filtration. Upgrades to ventilation and filtration systems began in the 2020-21 school year, continued through the 2021-21 and 2022-23 school years, and will continue for the 2023-24 school year. 

The UGDSB has received funding from the Provincial Government and Federal Government to allow the board to continue its work in optimizing ventilation and air quality in UGDSB schools and meet the provincial requirements for ventilation measures in schools. The UGDSB is also making investments in schools to go above and beyond the provincial requirements, as another layer of the protective strategies the board is utilizing to keep UGDSB learning and working spaces safe for students and staff. 

Ventilation Dashboard

**Download the UGDSB Ventilation Report (updated Sept. 29, 2023)

*If you cannot download or access the report, please contact your child’s school directly for information on your school. 

Best Practices

The UGDSB will follow best practices in assessing, maintaining and upgrading ventilation and air filtration systems, including increased frequency of filter changes and running systems two hours before/after occupancy. 

Mechanical Ventilation

All UGDSB schools have full or partial mechanical ventilation, with the vast majority of schools having full mechanical ventilation. In the schools with partial ventilation, the UGDSB will place standalone HEPA filtration units in all learning spaces without mechanical ventilation, as well as in additional spaces above and beyond the provincial requirements. Prior to the start of the school year, the board assessed all school ventilation systems to ensure they are in good working order and will meet the Ministry requirements for full and partial mechanical ventilation.

Air Filtration

In addition to meeting the Ministry requirements of placing standalone High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration units in all occupied learning environments in schools or parts of schools without mechanical ventilation, and in all kindergarten classrooms in schools with mechanical ventilation, the UGDSB also placed standalone HEPA filtration units in all Grades K-12 classrooms and portables, Continuing Education sites, learning spaces and staff eating spaces. 

HVAC Filters

The UGDSB increased its standard filter to MERV 10 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The board uses the highest grade filters compatible with HVAC units, including MERV 13 where possible, and will increase the frequency of filter changes. Due to high demand for additional MERV 13 filters, orders are currently delayed until the fall. The priority will be to install these filters as soon as they arrive.

Air Flow Monitoring

As an additional measure, the UGDSB will monitor the air flow in learning spaces as a measure of ensuring ventilation systems are working properly in schools.