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Accessibility at the UGDSB

1 in 5 Ontarians have a disability. 70% of disabilities are invisible. Ontario has committed to full accessibility by 2025. 

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 is the first of its kind in Canada. People with disabilities should have the same kind of opportunities as everyone else. They should be able to do the things that most of us take for granted like going to work or school. That’s the goal of Ontario’s legislation. Businesses and organizations – like the Upper Grand District School Board – who provide goods and services to people in Ontario will have to meet certain accessibility standards in five important areas of our lives: Customer Service, Built Environment, Employment, Information and Communication, Transportation. 

The Upper Grand District School Board is committed to ensuring that its services meet optimum standards of accessibility for people with disabilities.


We welcome your comments and feedback about accessibility issues at the Upper Grand District School Board.

Accessibility Policy and Procedures

The Upper Grand District School Board has developed new Accessibility Policy and Procedures that went into effect in March 2013:

Accessibility Planning

Accessibility Reports

Accessibility in the UGDSB at a glance:

More great UGDSB stories about Accessibility can be found on the UGDSB website. 

Inclusive athletic programs


UGDSB employees have received online accessibility training that was customized to the board’s needs. Example of similar training provided by the Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC) can be accessed on their site.

We All Have Ability Virtual Speakers Poster

We All Have Ability   Virtual Speakers Poster