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Period Equity in the UGDSB

What is Period Equity?

Period Equity is a movement that refers to making sure that all people who menstruate are able to access menstrual products for free and with dignity. It is a movement that recognizes the financial burden placed on people who menstruate by ensuring products are available for all who require them.

Why is the UGDSB investing in this initiative?

Period Equity Poster PNG fileOur school district recognizes the inequity placed on people who menstruate and the additional challenges presented to the same people who may be living with limited access to funds and/or transportation, both of which are required to purchase menstrual products. This initiative is part of a collective approach to ensuring we continue to raise awareness and support inclusion and acceptance in various ways throughout our board.

UGDSB Vision Statement

Students will attain individual excellence through dynamic programming provided by an effective staff and supported by a committed community. We will meet our students’ diverse needs through the provision of equitable and accessible resources. Our learning environment will be characterized by empowered administrators, effective communication and mutual compassionate respect.

Guiding Principles

We believe that:

How does this program work?

In partnership with various departments and staff in the UGDSB, this program began with an opportunity to understand the inequities that exist for people who menstruate.

Through a generous donation from the Upper Grand Learning Foundation, there are accessible machines that dispense free menstrual products in every “For Use by All” single stall washroom in UGDSB schools. 

Machines and products are currently in place in all “For Use By All” single stall washrooms  so that all students, staff and community members can access the products regardless of age, ability, sex, gender or status in the school. Machines will be stocked regularly.