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Director’s Plans and Reports

Annual Report

The Upper Grand District School Board’s Annual Report includes messages from the Director and Chair, and information about the Board’s vision, guiding principles and goals for improvement. A focus of the report are the four priorities of the Strategic Plan: achieve excellence, promote well-being, ensure equity of access and opportunity, and enhance public confidence.

Director’s Annual Report 2021

Multi-Year Plan (2022-2026)

The Upper Grand District School Board is undergoing a Multi-Year Plan (MYP) process to set the board’s priorities for 2022-2026.

A school board’s MYP establishes the key directions that guide the organization’s actions for the students and communities that it serves. The MYP should articulate priorities that are future oriented, inclusive, and measurable.

The Multi-Year Plan process is an opportunity for us to re-imagine learning at UGDSB by setting priorities for the next four years that are bold and reflect the diversity and uniqueness of our students and school communities. Throughout this process, the board will engage in consultation and collaboration with our partners in education. 

Multi-Year Plan website:

Download the June 28, 2022, MYP Executive Report