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School Crossing Guards

Become a school crossing guard and help make your community safer for children.

School crossing guards are a vital part of our school communities. They are committed and reliable, friendly and community minded. Crossing guards are posted near elementary schools during school arrival and dismissal times to assist students and pedestrians crossing busy streets.

Employment opportunities

School crossing guards are employed by the municipality. If you are interested in becoming a school crossing guard, please contact your municipality.

A crossing guard helps school children cross the road.

Inclement weather and school crossing guards

Each municipality determines how it handles crossing guards during severe weather. Please see below for general information regarding your municipality’s procedure, and please contact your municipality if you have additional questions.

Centre Wellington

If the buses are cancelled, but schools are open, crossing guards will still be working. If the schools in Centre Wellington are closed, the crossing guards will not be working.


If the schools are open, crossing guards are scheduled to work. However, parents should be aware that crossing guards may not be at their posts during extreme weather conditions. Please direct questions regarding crossing guards to the City of Guelph at [email protected] or by telephone at (519) 822-1260 extension 2040.


According to the municipality of Guelph-Eramosa, if the schools are open the crossing guards will be at their posts.


The town of Minto does not have a set policy on crossing guards and severe weather, however crossing guards are to be at their regular posts at all regular specified times on inclement weather days.


In Orangeville, crossing guards will be at their post, unless schools are closed.


If the buses are cancelled but the school is open, crossing guards are required to be on duty. It is the responsibility of each crossing guard to listen to the broadcast announcements before the start of the school day and determine if the school he or she serves is going to be closed.

Wellington North

The municipality of Wellington North has no set policy on crossing guards and severe weather, however if the school is closed the crossing guards do not go out. If the buses are cancelled but the school is open there is an expectation that the guards will report to their posts.