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In September 2014, the Upper Grand District School Board launched a new board-wide focus on environmental stewardship in the UGDSB.

The Environmental Education and Management Committee shared a new vision:

By the 2017-18 school year the Upper Grand District School Board will be a community leader in environmental stewardship and sustainability. Students and staff in all schools and board departments will work together with our community partners to become environmentally responsible citizens in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

The board developed a new Environmental Sustainability Action Plan that details specific steps on how to encourage sustainable environmental approaches as general practice at all schools and board offices. 

environmental sustainability plan

The Environmental Sustainability Action Plan has four pillars:

  1. Incorporating environmental issues into classroom curriculum
  2. Increasing staff and student engagement in school-wide initiatives
  3. Promoting increased collaboration with community partners
  4. Supporting leadership activities in the form of policies and procedures

The UGDSB will continue to be committed to promote engagement, enhance recognition and celebrate the success of students and staff in the area of environmental and energy conservation leadership.

View the summary graphic of the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (PDF).

Share your environmental actions and initiatives on Twitter using the hashtag #UGlearngreen.