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Before and/or After School Program

A Before and/or After School Program (BASP) is offered at many schools. Before and/or After School Programs are provided by Third Party Child Care Operators for students in Grades JK-6.

Demand and viability are two key components that are considered when opening or expanding a BASP. School Boards work in collaboration with the local Counties in their roles as Consolidated Municipal Service Managers (CMSM) and also consult with Child Care Operators to determine demand and viability of expanding existing Programs and/or offering a new BASP. This means that the numbers are viable for a Third Party Child Care Operator to provide a Program and that there is a Third Party Child Care Operator able to provide a Program.

Before and/or After School Program Survey

Parents/guardians of children who will be registered in Kindergarten to Grade 6 for September 2021 are asked to complete a Board survey each year during Kindergarten Registration and up until the end of January. The BASP survey is for parents/guardians to complete for schools where a BASP is not already available. The survey only lists schools that do not currently have an existing BASP. Only one survey per family is required. 

Click HERE to complete the survey.

This will assist in determining the potential need for a BASP for the following school year.

Before and/or After School Program Information – Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 Students

A BASP provides students with more opportunities to learn and grow. It provides a day with fewer transitions for students. The play-based Program complements the regular school day with a mix of exploration, guided independent activities, quiet times and outdoor play.  The Program is supported by the professional learning resource guide, ‘How Does Learning Happen? (HDLH): Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, 2014’, to help ensure that the Programs are centred on the child and family.

A Licensed BASP may be offered to:

An Authorized Recreational Program is another option that may be offered to students in Grades JK-6, for up to 3 hours per day, after school only.

Some Third Party Child Care Operators offer full day Programs during non-instructional days (PA Days and School Breaks).

If a Third Party Child Care Operator is unable to continue providing a Program during the school year, a replacement Program may be offered, subject to viability. Fees, days and times of operation may also change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a BASP?

Fees are determined by each Third Party Child Care Operator. An approximate range of fees is listed below:

Approximate Fees Per Day/Per Child

Age Groups Licensed
Before School
After School
Before and After School
Authorized Recreational
After School
Kindergarten JK/SK $6-$15 $13-$22 $18-$28  $10-$18 
School Age Grades 1-6 $6-$15  $13-$20  $18-$25  $10-$18

Note: Proposed Third Party Child Care Operator fees are subject to change

How do I apply for Child Care fee subsidy?

Families may be eligible for Child Care fee subsidy through the Wellington County Children’s Early Years Division or through Dufferin County Children’s Services depending on the BASP location.

When will I know which schools will be offering a BASP? 

A list of schools where Programs are being offered for September 2021 will be posted on the Board and school websites by May 1, 2021. Click on the school link for Program details and Third Party Child Care Operator contact information.

How do I get more information about a BASP?

Parents/guardians need to contact the Third Party Child Care Operator directly to ask questions, or register their child in the Program.

What happens if a BASP is full?

Parents/guardians must contact the Third Party Child Care Operator about availability of space in a BASP. Where Programs are full, Third Party Child Care Operators maintain a wait list. A wait list is used to confirm interest in a BASP and indicate need in a school community. Parents/guardians must ensure that their child is placed on a wait list. Parents/guardians must be aware of the Operator’s wait list process.

Does the School Board provide busing or other transportation for students to and from a BASP?

No. Parents/guardians are responsible for arranging transportation to and from a BASP.

If my child is in French Immersion, will the Before and/or After School Program also be in French?

No. The BASP is only available in English.

Please see the BASP Brochure for further information regarding the Program:

Download the BASP Brochure (PDF)

Schools Offering a Licensed BASP and/or an Authorized Recreational After School Program

The following schools will have a Licensed BASP or Authorized Recreational Program for the  2021-2022 school year:

Click on the schools listed below for further details and contact information for each Program:

Due to lack of viability for a Third Party Child Care Operator to provide programming, the following schools will not have a Licensed BASP or Authorized Recreational Program for the 2021-2022 school year:

Alma PS
Arthur PS
Centre Peel PS
Eramosa PS
John Black PS
June Avenue PS
Kenilworth PS
Kortright Hills PS
Maryborough PS
Ottawa Crescent PS
Ponsonby PS
Priory Park PS
Rockwood Centennial PS 
Ross R. MacKay PS
Salem PS
Victoria Cross PS
Victoria Terrace PS
Waverly Drive PS
Willow Road PS