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Student Environmental Leadership Programs

The UGDSB is unique in offering high school programs for students wishing to do a full semester off-site at an outdoor education centre. These programs teach enhanced leadership experiences not offered by the conventional classroom setting.

CELP – Grade 10

The Community Environmental Leadership Program (CELP) is semester-long, four credit grade 10 program taught at an outdoor education facility that focuses on enhancing environmental awareness and empowering student leadership in areas of environmental and social issues. Topics include reducing our environmental footprint and understanding how our energy consumption in all aspects of our lives impacts the earth. Students are also required to investigate and adopt an energy saving acts in their daily lives ranging from transportation methods to day-to-day behaviours. (Offered by Centennial Collegiate. All Guelph and Centre Wellington students are welcome to apply.)


For more information, visit the CELP website.

Norwell CELP – Grade 10

Norwell CELP is a 4-credit program offered to 24 grade 10 students at Norwell DSS during the winter semester. Students attend school at a wilderness site that serves as their classroom. Students develop their leadership and advocacy skills through active participation in extended wilderness trips. Students also work closely within their community on significant community-based environmental projects. This is a leading edge program that helps create action-orientated environmental stewards with the confidence and knowledge to make a difference while at the same time fulfilling all curriculum expectations.


For more information, visit the Norwell CELP website.

DaVinci – Grade 11

The da Vinci Arts & Science Environmental Leadership Program is a full semester grade 11 program that ties in science and the arts in a natural setting nestled amongst hiking trails, forests and ponds of the Arboretum at the University of Guelph. Students develop their leadership and interpersonal skills while experiencing a five-day wilderness canoe trip, leading an Eco Artist Elementary program, participating in various University Science labs, and creating their own art show. Throughout the program, current environmental issues and a focus on sustainable practices are emphasized.

For more information, visit the DaVinci website.

Headwaters – Grade 12

Founded in 2005 by Mike Elrick, Headwaters is a leadership program with a community and environmental focus that is offered to grade 12 students. While in an experiential setting for a full semester, students further their global, local and self-awareness through various trips and real life experiences beyond the typical classroom setting. The Headwaters program is strongly oriented around energy awareness, sustainable solutions and expanding students’ knowledge of environmental consequences due to the actions of humankind.


For more information, visit the Headwaters website.