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Outdoor Education

The UGDSB encourages outdoor learning

The Upper Grand DSB has placed a renewed focus on environmental stewardship, which includes extending classroom learning into the outdoors. Educators are encouraged to incorporate inquiry-based learning into all subject areas and taking students outside into the natural environment is an excellent way to stimulate curiosity and increase creativity and problem solving skills. The research is clear on the benefits of outdoor learning and guided play. Children’s physical and mental health are both positively impacted by time spent outside. Students’ stress levels decrease, while focus and motivation for learning are improved. With this in mind, many schools are beginning the process of greening their school grounds, by creating naturalized play spaces or outdoor classrooms. We look forward to seeing the benefits that these initiatives will bring to our students’ overall success – both academically and socially.

UGDSB Island Lake Outdoor Education Centre

The Upper Grand District School Board’s Outdoor Education Centre, at Island Lake Conservation Area, is a partnership between the UGDSB and the Credit Valley Conservation (CVC). The UGDSB has an agreement with the CVC to use its facilities at Island Lake Conservation Area, which boarders the Town of Orangeville and Mono Township, for education programs. The centre is run by a teacher through the Program Services Department and Indigenous Education Department.