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Empowering students with BYOD

As a national leader in the use of educational technology, the UGDSB is committed to supporting creative and innovative learning. With teacher approval, students may use their personal devices for instructional purposes during class time. This is especially important for students who rely on technology to access curriculum, communicate their ideas and to overcome individual learning needs.

When students use their own technology as part of an enriched academic experience, they engage more deeply and actively in the learning process. BYOD empowers students to become the experts with the device they have and to customize it to their learning needs. If the devices the students use beyond the school day are the same ones they use for school, the students can seamlessly switch from personal use to learning anytime, anywhere. The learning activities on the device are accessible to the students 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

We provide a stable network, rich digital content and tools to support learning from school and home. Students have access to a variety of resources and tools to support their learning anywhere, anytime, at any pace and individual path. There are financial limits to the amount of technology the board can provide, and so BYOD supplements in-school equipment.

For more information on BYOD, including information about privacy, digital citizenship and safety, and frequently asked questions, click here.

Students use devices to complete assignments and take courses

Students use devices to complete assignments and take courses