Parent Resources

Online Resources

  • The Upper Grand website is home to board polices and resources. Look for: Q&A for JK and SK Parents, Getting Ready to Learn, Q&A for Fl Parents, Bullying Resources and many more. It continuously highlights activities happening in an around the schools. Follow the School Council link to reach the Parent Involvement Committee webpage.
  • Learn more about current government initiatives. Find useful tip sheets: Preparing for a Successful School Year, Helping Your Child Learn to Read, What is my Child expected to learn in the Elementary/Secondary years.
  • This site is run by a group of Parents working together to support public education in Ontario. Find discussions on hot topics in education, school tracking surveys, parent tip sheets and much more. Information is translated into many languages. Find Answers to questions like: What do I need to know about Parent-Teacher Interviews? What should I know about Grade 3 & 6 EQAO testing? Who can I talk to if my child has problems at school? How can I help my child prepare for kindergarten?
  • A website for parents of elementary school children; this site provides practical ideas and tips that can be used to help children develop reading, writing and math skills.
  • to provide School Councils, Parents, Principals, Teacher and Community Members with up to date education news and practical resources.
  • Find translated materials on many topics. Answers questions like: I am new to Canada, what are some ways I can get involved in the school?
  • The Independent Learning Centre is funded by the Ministry of Education. Look for online tutor support for High School Students.
  • An online resource centre; this interactive site answers questions and concerns with the aim of helping Parents get more involved in supporting their child’s education.
  • Live homework help for all students.
  • A Website sponsored by the Guelph Police Services. It shares tips and links for information about many things including: Internet Safety, Drugs, and Bullying.
  • The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health website. Look here to find valuable information and important Health updates. Addresses questions like: Avoiding Peanuts and Nuts in Schools
  • Questions and Answers developed specifically for parents can be found in 21 different languages, along with other useful information.

Please note that the brief descriptions provided are just that- brief. Check out these sites to find a wealth of information. Also note that this is just a beginning list of online resources.