School Council

Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month @ 6:00pm in the school Library.

Meeting Minutes:

School Council welcomes all new families to Princess Margaret with a special invitation to join us for refreshments, learn what the School Council does, and meet fellow P.M.P.S. parents.

Co-chair: Billie Jo Reid, Jessica Keats

Treasurer:  Emily Derose

Secretary: Jessica Keats 

School Council Events dates:

  • Christmas Craft Fair – Saturday, December 7th, 2019


School Council meeting November 5th 2019

  • Principal’s Report November 5, 2019


  • Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health in partnership with the Upper Grand DSB is performing the Well-being Health and Youth survey with students and parents in the next two weeks. The WHY survey will provide information to inform planning decisions around youth health and well-being and also ensures anonymity for students and parents. Students will complete the survey online in their classes and a link for parents can be found on our website.  Parents can get more information on our website if they are interested.


  • Our Grade 3 students participated in the CCAT – Canadian Cognitive Abilities testing in October. Test results are shared with parents once the school receives them


  • Three of our classes were able to participate in the boards Sledge Hockey Program at the Tony Rose arena. The purpose of the program is to teach students about inclusion and that people with what most people think of as disabilities, are really differently abled.  By making slight changes for some, all people can play and be included.


  • Our school held a Student Vote on the Monday before the October 22nd Election.


  • On October 29th, our school participated in a District Support Visit. The purpose of the visit is to talk to kids and to see all the great things that are happening in our school.  A big idea that was left with the school by the team was to think about how we can transfer all the great teaching strategies used in our Language instruction and apply it to Math


  • On the recent PA Day, staff began looking at an assessment called PRIME that will help identify gaps in students Math understanding. The afternoon was time for assessment and evaluation in preparation for Progress Reports that will be sent home on November 21st


  • During the month of November, families are encouraged to send in boxes of crackers to support our Cracker Drive and our Nutrition Program


  • Teacher’s report (Meghann was absent will sent report at a later date?)


3) Christmas Craft Fair


  • Vendors– only 4 tables left needing to pay. no tables as there is a waiting list.


  • what happens if there is strike action? Mark thinks it would go ahead but will double check.


  • two not for profit organizations tabling in the hall.


  • Silent Auction
  • crinkle paper purchased by Billie-Jo
  • Items we have so far for silent auction are; $50 bluebird certificate, sassy housewives gift basket, aardvark hat and/or shirt, Toronto maple leafs tickets & swag.
  • If you were not present please send email updates of donations you may have collected.
  • We really need to do a push for more silent auction donations, maybe look at who donated last year and ask again.
  • Basket making for silent auction at next meeting at next meeting December 3rd
  • Letter for toy donations to classes. See if Billie Jo has copy of letter.


Kids shopping area –  shannon brought items she has purchased second hand they are in storage room at school. we will need small boxes and gift bags for packing items. Jess to ask friend to collect small boxes from harmony. Everyone can bring in any extra holiday gift bags they may have.


Kids Craft RoomEmily D’s daughter and friend are confirmed to run Kids craft activities. what supplies do they need?


Coffee, hot chocolate, musicians sorted by Ryan. Stan Chang will be playing.  there are students who would like to be scheduled to play. Tracy and Ryan to figure this out.

Megan Taylor from Orangeville Music Theatre would like to come in and sing some songs from Mamma Mia and Christmas Carols –  Ryan will get in touch with them and figure it out. Music will be set up in south east corner of library this year.


Promotions- Event posted in/on Snap, In the Hills and my FM, Orangeville Citizen ad donated to run on November 28th preferably.


Jess to get designer friend to turn ad into poster, get them printed (20 copies total) and drop them to school office for folks to pick up a few to distribute/post at local businesses BlueBird cafe, Meridian, Pia’s etc.


*Watch for email from Jess about  craft sale sign installation happening after Remembrance Day.*


Music in the gym– P.A. system with Mark’s prime on a chrome book.


Additional activities at the craft sale


  • shannon to do yoga in movie room from noon to 1pm.


  • clothing swap in ymca room


Friday night set up for Craft sale on December 6th

custodial staff on site until 9pm for set up. shannon may not be able to arrive until 6pm or later for set up of Kid’s shopping area.


School Council Meeting Minutes – October 1

October 1, 2019


  1. Quest for Cakes – Presented to us an option to do Pasta lunches as a fundraiser. Cost per portion is $3.75 and we can charge $5. Biodegradable/ recycable packaging. Delivered, can divide up by class. It was decided we would go ahead and try it out. Mark will let student council know we are going to go ahead, aiming to start the last week of October, on Wednesday October 30th, and continue biweekly on Wednesdays. Need a letter with prices etc. Corrin will do letter to send to Billie Jo and Mark. Billie Jo will email Trish. Payment for these lunches will be through cash online. (I believe Mark and Billie Jo will see this gets set up with Jodie?)


  1. Teacher report
  • raised $600 for Terry Fox.
  • Cross country rescheduled until next Wednesday.


  1. Principal report
  • Our CUPE partners have begun Work to Rule. For current updates on Labour Relations, visit the board website:
  • EQAO results from Spring of 2019 have been made public. Our school continues to do well in Reading and Writing. Some gains have been made in Math however this will continue to be a focus for our school, the board and the Province.


  1. Christmas craft fair


  1. PromotionBillie Jo posted to Snap. Set up Facebook event page. We are telling people no pyramid schemes. As of today Billie Jo is back on Instagram and will get info up there. Jess got graphic done and will be talking the the citizen and do posting in In The Hills.


  1. Vendors- Jess will send email to vendors from previous years.


  1. Billie Jo to write letter re: donations from students for silent auction. recommended donation $2.00 (but no need to hold back if families want to donate more).


  1. List of places to ask for donations for silent auctionEveryone please send your suggestions for places you want to ask to shannon lee by Friday October 4th. ([email protected]) shannon lee will compile a master donation ask list and assign any places that are duplicated to one person. The master list will than be sent out to the all of us with the donation letter. Please only ask the people listed under your name on the master list, this way we avoid more than one person asking the same place.


  1. Donation letter to businesses for silent auction Billie Jo to make edits to last years letter (add Emily M’s contact once approved with her) and it will be emailed out to everyone with the list of places each person is to contact. If you need one printed off for you please let Mark
  2. Kids shopping room – We are not going to ask students to make donations of used items this year. As too much junk was donated in previous years. School council members can collect gently used items if we have them and invite teachers too, too. Ryan’s mom will be given $50 to buy items and shannon lee will be given $150 to purchase items. Keep stuff until the week before, if you really must bring items in before than, please let shannon lee know and put in box labelled “kids shopping area” that can be put in conference room.


  1. Kids Craft RoomEmily D’s daughter and friend are confirmed to run Kids craft activities.


  1. Signs
  • Need to get permit from town for Craft sale signs – (sorry cannot remember I think it was Jess who said she could do this)
  • Meaghan to buy vinyl for signs. 7 & 9.



  1. Look at the Year Ahead


  1. Fundraisers– tabled until next month.


  • Jessica’s ideas- Jess to send links.
  • shannon lee mentioned the idea of doing Cocoa Camino Chocolate bar fundraiser starting in September next year so people can buy organic fair trade mini chocolate bars for Halloween. shannon lee will send info.
  • Movie fundraiser
  • Bursary for a bear (Jess)


  1. Events – table until next month.


  • Family fun night. table
  • Movie night


Minutes September 3rd, 2019 School Council Meeting


  1. Welcome


  1. Principal report (see attached).


  1. Teacher report (see attached).


  1. Elections/Outline all meeting dates.


Positions are:

Billie Jo Reed & Jess Keats to Co-Chair

Emily Derose- Treasuer

Shannon Lee – Secretary


moved by …. seconded by Mrs. Christie.


Meetings are first Tuesday of every month 6-7pm. Dates are as follows:



Nov. 5th




Apr. 7th

May. 5th

June 2nd


  1. Holiday craft fair

-main fundraising event

-people are going crazy, messages already received.

-last year made $5000 just on the silent auction


a)-Date this year will be Dec 7th (always first Saturday of December) time is 9am to 3pm


  1. b) Position Assignments – chair, vendor person (Jess), silent auction (Emily M & Mrs. Kristie), cafe/music (Ryan), movie room (Emily D), cookie room (Tricia quest for cakes), Kids shopping (shannon & Cheryl?), face painting/craft room (Emily D’s daughter and friend?)

Mrs. Christie will do laminate numbers on signs


  1. c) Changes for this year/things to do-
  • Ad – Jess to check with Allison and citizen and banner. shannon to check with Chris.
  • Radio station ad – Billie Jo
  • Facebook event page and Instagram – Billie Jo
  • payment for vendors, can we do e-transfers or can the school set up a paypal account (Mark to look into)
  • try to get some new vendors (Jess & if people have idea’s for vendors let Jess know)
  • get some baked goods donated from businesses
  • anyone can gather stuff for silent auction, bring idea’s of places/people to ask to next meeting to make a list so we aren’t all asking the same places.
  • need to purchase stuffing for silent auction
  • cellophane donated from Chris at Parson’s
  • Raise money for outdoor learning and sports equipment
  • Discussed raising vendor fee, decision deferred until next meeting.
  • kids shopping area – revamp request to ask for gently used items (stress gently used). give Ryan’s mom $50 to buy items & give shannon $150 to buy items to amp up quality of items.


  1. A look at the year
  2. Fundraiser
  3. i) woman offering fundraiser through her 31 company (totes). we are saying no!
  4. ii) Jess’s fundraiser idea’s:

– Host family oriented events, bringing in magician, reptile people etc. open event to community have concession. everyone generate ideas to discuss next month.

  • Good food bags, fresh from the farm

iii) Other fundraising ideas:

  • Quest for cakes- Tricia, is working on a lunch program. Can bring in samples to next meeting. yes please!
  • Smoothies fundraiser for grade 7 & 8. with pita pit. Billie jo to look into if they have sustainable packaging.
  • bedtime stories is out, because we don’t get the numbers
  • Table family fun night and movie night until next time.



Principal’s Report September 23, 2019


  • It’s been a smooth start to our year. Our enrollment is the exact same as it was last year at 304 students


  • We are loving our new and improved Library Learning Commons!


  • Had a staffing change two weeks in as part of the District Staffing that happens every year. Ms Hay went to Parkinson and Mr Byers stepped into the KA classroom. New staff to our school this year include: Mr Navarro, Ms Brodie, Ms Smith and Mr Jackson and joining our EA team Ms Capko, Ms Arbeau, Mrs Byers and Ms Rees.


  • This year our school is in Year One of the Cycle of Learning. We will be having a District Support Visit on October 29th. The purpose of the visit is to highlight our strengths and identify areas that we can build on in terms of student achievement. Throughout the year, we will have support and training for our teachers in areas we identify in the process.


  • The Grade 7/8 Guidance teacher position has been continued this year. Christine Kennedy has already been into the school to visit with the grade 8s to begin the process/planning for transitioning into High School. A ‘Becoming a Bear’ day has been planned for our Grade 8s that will occur early November.


  • The main forms of communication from the school will continue be through the Call-Outs, UGConnect push out reminders, Twitter and our website.


  • Some teachers are using a new communication tool with families called School Messenger.


  • We have a PD coming up this Friday. Staff will be completing Ministry required Health and Safety training in the morning and for the afternoon, we will be joining the staff of Credit Meadows and Mono-Amaranth schools to work with Math guru, Marion Small



Teacher’s Report September 2019


-settling into routines and welcoming new staff to the building

-sport teams already on their way with Senior and Junior soccer teams competing the week of Sept. 23.

-next up will be cross country and basketball.

-students are really enjoying the newly painted tarmac

-gardens are looking great and students are helping Ms Ellis with harvesting our vegetables.​