School Council

Our first meeting for 2020-2021 will be Monday, September 28th @ 6:30pm, virtually.

Meeting Minutes:

School Council welcomes all new families to Princess Margaret with a special invitation to join us for refreshments, learn what the School Council does, and meet fellow P.M.P.S. parents.

Co-chair: Billie Jo Reid, Jessica Keats

Treasurer:  N/A for 2020-2021

Secretary: Shannon Stirling

School Council Events dates:

  • Christmas Craft Fair – Saturday, December 4th, 2021

PMPS Council meeting minutes October 13th, 2020


Present: Billie Jo, Mark, Jess, Meghan, Shannon.


  • Home Depot is giving us a donation. Meghan & Erin Flear will get to go on a shopping spree at home depot.  Two PMPS parents and a letter from Meghan Christie made this happen.
  • Billie Jo sent an email to Tracy Appleton (PDSB) to inquire about Ecoschools grant. Shannon is willing to write a grant if needed.
  • Billie Jo and Shannon both will inquire about plexiglass sources.
  • Billie Jo to go to the bird store and inquire about bird feeders (previously mentioned in September minutes)
  • Purchase of  A Walking Curriculum & Playing in the Muck and other Arty Stuff books Approved. Billie Jo to order this evening from Amazon. $168.75 in total
  • Shannon will look into getting pots and pans for the kinder pad revamp project.
  • Communications regarding bird feeders, kinder pad revamp projects etc. moving forward will take place through email chains.
  • Next meeting date: Tuesday March 9th, 2021

First School Council Meeting: September 28th, 2020

Principal’s Report:

  • It’s been a smooth start to our year, thanks to our amazing staff and the support of our families.  Our enrollment has changed significantly with 57 students doing remote learning and 234 in-school learning.  The board will be offering a window for families to choose to switch between in-class to remote and visa versa at a date later this fall.  It could possibly be around Progress Report time which would be the end of November however a date/window has not been announced yet.
  • The staggered entry into school this year seemed to be successful, allowing staff to work with smaller numbers of students to introduce and practice the added layers of safety measures this year.
  • The staffing process for teaching and support staff is continuing to occur this September as all brick and mortar schools have dropped in enrollment while the remote school has needed to be ‘built’ from the ground up.  Around 4000 elementary students and just over 1000 High School students have chosen remote learning.  Since we went down two classes after our end of August reorganization, we have temporarily loaned Ms. Ennis, Ms Kikkert and Mrs Fletcher to the remote school.  In addition, with the reorg, one of our Kindergarten classes is under the threshold of requiring an ECE, so beginning Wednesday, Mrs Taylor will be temporarily reassigned to a Kdgn class at another school where the ECE went to remote teaching.  We will be finding out in the coming days if any of our EA staff will be temporarily re-assigned as well.  All of these changes are temporary and when our numbers return, this staff will return to PMPS.  Mr. Byers has returned to our school this year in the Gr 2/3 class.  New staff to our school this year include: Ms. Ennis, Ms. Kikkert and Mrs. Fletcher and joining our EA team are Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Henderson.
  • The main forms of communication from the school will continue to be through the Call-Outs, UGConnect push out reminders, Twitter and our website.  With regular changes due to COVID, it’s really important for families to stay connected.
  • Google Classrooms have been set up by teachers and this will also be a way for teachers to communicate with families.  These have been set up early in the year in case there is a need for us to pivot to remote learning.
  • We are grateful for the support of Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health through these uncertain times.  They keep their website up-to-date with the most recent protocols for everything related to COVID.  Families can access the same information that schools are using for when students do not meet daily screening, when they can return to school, what happens if there is a positive case with a student/staff member in schools, etc…
  • For parents, the easiest way to know if they should send their child to school each morning is by using the online COVID screening tool.  A post about this is on our website.
  • We are currently putting together a Virtual Open House video that will be posted to classrooms either by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.  We hope that by providing this, it will give parents an opportunity to put a face to their children’s teachers’ faces and see pictures of the classrooms.  Hoping to have this out to the community early next week. 


  • Billie Jo Reid and Jessica Keats-Marchildon – Co Chairs
  • Shannon Stirling: Secretary
  • There will be no treasure position as Jodi Mackenzie Office Administrator takes care of all accounts and checks etc.

Meeting Nights:

  • Have been moved to Tuesday at 6:30pm Virtually using google meet platform
  • NEXT Meeting will take place on October 13th to confirm purchased list (read below)


Outdoor Equipment

  • $500.00 was spent to purchase recess equipment for classes


Outdoor Learning resources

  • Billie Jo meeting with some teachers September 29th to collaborate Outdoor Education ideas.
  • Teachers will then discuss items they would like to see purchased at their next staff meeting
  • List will then be brought to the Parent Council to see what can be purchased out of the budget
  • Meghan to reach out to home depot for donation of potential lumber to build equipment
  • Jessica to follow up with high school Shop class contacts


Action Items:

  • Meeting with Billie Jo
  • Teachers to collaborate about equipment list
  • Meghan and Jessica to reach out to high school shop classes
  • Meghan to send letter to Home depot for potential donation


Update October 6th:

  • Billie Jo met with Meghan, Mark, Erin, Tina and Trina and brainstormed some ideas for kindergarten area and came up with a plan to introduce ways to get students outdoors
  • We decided to go with the walking curriculum and Nature journaling and purchase bird feeders station. 1 for kinder, 1 for primary, jr. and intermediate
  • Suggestion is the council will purchase a number of copies of the walking curriculum and Playing In the Muck and other arty stuff.
  • All of this will be on the agenda for next meeting on October 13th
  • Staff was introduced to this on October 6th staff meeting which Billie Jo attended to introduce concepts.