Resilience and perseverance of students recognized through Achieving by Believing Awards

Posted June 11, 2020

For Immediate Release
June 11, 2020

GUELPH, Ontario – The Upper Grand District School Board believes that recognition of success fosters students’ self-confidence and resilience.

In recognition of student achievement, the UGDSB holds an annual celebratory event to recognize the recipients of the Student Success: Achieving by Believing Awards. These awards were created to acknowledge the grit, resilience and perseverance that students have demonstrated in their time as a student.

The awards are given to students in Grades 8 and 12, nominated from UGDSB elementary and secondary schools.

This school year has been challenging – but the students’ ability to inspire others, to rise above and to continue to adapt have inspired the school community.

While the board was not able to hold its annual award ceremony this year, award recipients will receive their award along with words of support from their teachers, administrators and support staff. Award winners will be notified via mail over the next couple of days.

Achieving by Believing Award Recipients for 2020


  • Alliyah C., Princess Margaret PS
  • Jayla C., Parkinson Centennial PS
  • Patience K., Elora PS
  • Chelsea D., Centennial Hylands ES
  • Meaka G-B., John Black PS
  • Kaitlyn R., JD Hogarth PS
  • Ryan B., Island Lake PS
  • Kyle J-S., Credit Meadows ES
  • Rowan C., Mono Amaranth PS
  • Ainsley C-S., Palmerston PS
  • Michael T., Westminster Woods PS
  • Trevor P., Minto-Clifford PS
  • Ethan R., Sir Isaac Brock PS
  • Davian C., Montgomery Village PS
  • Alisha K., Mitchell Woods PS
  • Jake F., Rockwood Centennial PS
  • Sarah N., Grand Valley and District PS
  • Tyler J., Primrose ES
  • Jacob V., Taylor Evans PS
  • Summer D., William C Winegard PS
  • Simone L-F., École John McCrae PS
  • Paul M., Westwood PS
  • Kyle G., Waverley Drive PS
  • Sabrina W., Arthur PS
  • Austin L., Victoria Cross PS
  • Ryan B., Rickson Ridge PS
  • Roxy S., Hyland Heights ES
  • Brody P., Drayton Heights PS


  • Aiden A., Centennial CVI
  • Nick P., Centennial CVI
  • Tristan C., Centre Dufferin DHS (SAL)
  • Kira S., Centre Dufferin DHS
  • Maya V., Centre Dufferin DHS
  • Preston J., Centre Dufferin DHS
  • Michael L., College Heights SS
  • Faith G., College Heights SS
  • Emma P., College Heights SS
  • Samantha L., Centre Wellington DHS
  • Tori D-M., Centre Wellington DHS
  • Josh K-P., Centre Wellington DHS
  • (Grace) Autumn S., Centre Wellington DHS (SAL)
  • Claudia O., Erin DHS
  • Ivy H., Erin DHS
  • Dana B., Erin DHS
  • Dellan A., Guelph CVI
  • Kelsey L., Guelph CVI (SAL)
  • Rilie M., Guelph CVI
  • Teasha H., Guelph CVI
  • Deighten R., John F Ross CVI
  • Kalista K., John F Ross CVI
  • Ashlee H., John F Ross CVI
  • Kayla R., Norwell DSS
  • Zak L., Norwell DSS
  • Britney C., Norwell DSS
  • Miya B., Orangeville DSS
  • Hayden B-S., Orangeville DSS
  • Nathan W., Orangeville DSS
  • Kathleen P., Wellington Heights SS
  • Dominique A., Wellington Heights SS
  • Thomas “TJ” R., Wellington Heights SS
  • Abbygale H., Westside SS
  • Amy B., Westside SS
  • Alicia O., Westside SS

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