Our school day start and end times have been established to coordinate with bus arrivals and departure times. School will begin at 8:40 each morning and ends at 3:10 in the afternoon. Nutritional breaks will follow a balanced day schedule, which means there will be two indoor/outdoor breaks, with three teaching blocks. You will note that the first block is the longest to ensure that all students benefit from a solid literacy block each day.


It is essential to call the office before 8:15 a.m. if your child is going to be absent or late. The voicemail (519-942-9590 ext. 100) can take your messages 24 hours a day. Please supply us with the student name(s), class(es) and reason(s) for absence/lateness.

We follow the Board’s Safe Arrival Policy and must contact all parents of absent students, if we have not been informed by a parent of a child’s absence. Your call will save us multiple phone calls and allow us to ensure the safety of all students as soon as possible. All late students must report to the office for a late slip before going to class, in order to be properly accounted for on the attendance register.


It is the responsibility of parents to:

  • provide current telephone contacts such as: home phone number, work number of both parents, number of caregiver, number of safe arrival contact, and emergency contact numbers on the student admission / information form
  • update the information during the school year
  • communicate with the school, prior to the start of school in the morning or afternoon, when the child will be absent or late for any reason
  • provide written permission for their child to leave the school during the day, and
  • inform the school when their child will be returning after an absence of more than one day.


If it is necessary for a child to leave early, or to leave for a period during the day for an appointment, a note must be sent to the teacher or given to the office. For the safety of your child, we request that you come into the school to sign him/her out at the office. As soon as you arrive, your child will be called out of class for you. Please send authorization in writing if someone other than the legal guardian is going to pick your child up from school.

The authorized adult may also be asked for photo identification.
Unless we can confirm otherwise, it is our practice to dismiss the child as per their usual routine at the end of the day. We appreciate your efforts to make all foreseen alternate arrangements ahead of time accompanied with a note. Under an
urgent circumstance, a call may be made to the office before 2:30 p.m. and we will try to get a message to your child.


Yard supervision starts at 8:25 am, which is 15 minutes before classes begin at 8:40 am. Please do not send your child to school before that time, as we do not support students to be unsupervised on the school grounds. There is no yard supervision after school. Students are also not allowed to be in the classrooms, library, or the gymnasium without staff supervision.


All students are expected to remain on school property for the duration of the school day. Any changes in routine during lunch must be brought to the attention of the office in the morning in the form of a written note signed by parents.

Intermediate students may be allowed to leave property during the second break (school preference would be for pm break only), if parents have completed a lunch declaration form that gives consent and details expectations for safe play, behavior, and returning to class on time.


Consistent school attendance and punctuality are important to maximize school achievement, and are good habits to develop. Attendance is taken in the morning and afternoon of each school day. Students are marked late or absent if they are not in class on time. Students arriving late must check-in at the school office so that the official attendance register can be amended. Repeated lates or absences, without a valid reason (e.g., medical appointment) and accompanying note from the parent, will result in the possible involvement of the Board’s attendance counselor.


The Education Act and regulations outline expectations for school attendance. Children of compulsory school age are required to attend every school day unless excused. It is the duty of the parent to ensure the child attends school as required and to provide the school with reasons for absence.


It is the expectation that students will attend school on scheduled school days and take holidays according to the school year calendar.  We do however understand that this is not always possible. If parents choose to take their child(ren) out of school at times other than school holidays, the school cannot provide academic activities that replicate the missed schoolwork.  Parents are encouraged to plan activities such as daily writing in journals or travel logs, reading, mathematics, science and technology activities.

Another excellent source of excellent learning activities and assignments can be located on the website. Your child will need their login and password.


We invite parents and guests to visit our school and encourage volunteers in our classrooms. For safety reasons, all visitors must report to the office, sign in and wear a visitor’s badge before proceeding to classrooms or onto the yard. Even if you are in the school only for a moment, your tag must be visible. At the beginning and the end of the day, we encourage pick up and drop off of students outside the school. If you need to give your child the rare, forgotten lunch or binder, please drop it off at the office and we would be happy to make sure they receive it.