Council Minutes January 2023

Posted February 6, 2023

TEPS School Council Meeting Minutes

From – January 12, 2023

Voting Members in Attendance for meeting

Name Present   Name Present
Hammond, Jackie x   Garon-Nielsen, Michelle  
VanLoon, Ruth  x   Hocken, Jodi  
Martin, Richard     Rea, Brooke  
Nasswetter, Katie x   Ho, Amy x
Galda, Andrea x   Barett, Tricia  

Other Attendees: Ken Keesmaat, Cassie Broadhead, Meaghan Jones, Amber Maxwell-Gibbins, Caroline Turnbull, Pamela Gallego, Carly Werner

Other Regrets: none.


School Report Great Moments in Teaching:

●        Extra curricular clubs have been starting to ramp up – chess club, basketball, etc

●        The Student Council met to plan the Spring activities and Lunar New Year

●        Little Jammers Ukulele is starting next week

●        There is a new program called Right to Read

o   They focus on new phonics scope and sequence

o   literacy plan

o   Kelly Walton has been working with the kids and meeting them in small groups to focus on reading

o   There is also a Costco reading program that has been launched

Other School items:

●     There is a new Volunteer policy. It requires that all volunteers with direct contact will now require a Vulnerable Sector check

●     There is a new Human Trafficking program being launched.

○     They will start with the Grade 7s (also a seminar for Grade 10s)

○     There is an info session for parents through CMHA

●     The previous Bully Reporting Tool will now include Racialized Incidents

Fundraising Chocolate bars

–       The group chose the Laura Secord Variety pack (Nut free)

–       Chocolate bars will come home the week of Feb 6 (before Valentine’s Day)

–       Ruth to organize with John (from WFC) to see if he can drop the chocolate bars off on Feb 3

–       Ken to find a location to store the extra cases since KD is in the room previously used

–       There will be an email sent home the same day Chocolate bars are sent home providing further details

–       Letters to be sent home Jan 23, for return on Jan 26. Ken/Cassie to include the message about “have someone translate”

–       Save any of the large chocolate bars for future event prizes (Dance-a-thon)

–       Will need some volunteers (likely the weekend of Feb 4/5 to help with chocolate bar distribution


Treasurer’s Report –       no update this month


Q & A –       Q: Was there no holiday concert? Why?

A: Staff had decided they will have a Winter concert in February since there was a lot going on in Dec


–       Q: Pizza day – can we add the option to donate?

A: Good suggestion. Next time they will look at adding this as an option and including a note that tells families to contact the office if they would like their child to have pizza but are not able to sign up due to financial barriers


Next Meeting Thursday, February 9th @ 7:00 pm  


School Council Executive 2022-2023:

  • Co-Chairs – Jackie Hammond and Ruth VanLoon
  • Treasurer – Richard Martin
  • Secretary – Katie Nasswetter

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