March 2023 News!

Posted March 3, 2023

Hi Everyone!

We have had an exciting February with some snow days and an amazing blizzard of learning and extra curricular activities! The school choir sang at the Storm game and our Safety Patrols attended on a Saturday! Guelph Storm players came to visit and read! We have had Chess clubs, the GSA club, Basketball, Student Council running events for friendship week, our announcers doing the land acknowledgement and celebrating black brilliance!

Thanks to all of the effort put in by staff and our parent/caregiver volunteers to support rich learning for our students!

We continue to emphasize daily the importance of being KIND and also using the “No, Go, Tell” strategy when someone is being unkind or mean, when there is conflict (good learning opportunities for social skills), or bullying.

Here is how students are taught to use the “NO, GO, TELL” strategy. When someone is doing something unkind – say “No!I don’t like that!”. If the problem continues, use GO – walk away, find another place to play. If this does not work, TELL a trusted adult – the teacher or the yard duty supervisor (when outside). Using this strategy supports self advocacy and the development of social skills in our children. Ask your child about this strategy and how they use it at school and how it can be used at home or in the community!

How does this apply to social media or online gaming platforms(if your child has access)? Responding to inappropriate posts or comments is similar:

1) Be Kind – remember comments and pictures sent are FOREVER.

2) If a student receives or sees something inappropriate – BLOCK the sender/leave the “chat: group.

3) Report the inappropriate behaviour to a trusted adult at home (students are not accessing social media at school). Parents, please do monitor and check your child’s social media frequently!

Some staffing notes:

Our Child and Youth Counselor, Sam, is currently on a leave of absence.

Mr. Wagner, a retired Principal, is supporting in the office 3 days a week while Mrs. Broadhead is on leave.

We also welcome back Mrs. Dubuc in grade 1/2 who will be partnering with Mrs. McVittie.


REMINDER: Caregivers have access to the UGDSB Games and Activities that Support Mathematical Thinking website. This website includes information about mindsets for math and the importance of math play, as well as games for Primary, Junior & Intermediate-aged children. This website can be found on the Parent Involvement Committee site.

Ken Keesmaat


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