May 1st Newsletter

Posted May 1, 2023

Message from the Office

As you know it takes a village to run our school! Parents and caregivers ensure their children come to school rested and ready to learn! Staff plan learning activities and extra curricular clubs to augment learning and support social skills development. Custodial staff work from 6 am until 11 at night and on the weekends to ensure our school is safe. Board staff keep the facilities and school infrastructure in working condition! Office staff answer calls and help hand out everything from bandaids to lunches! We are very fortunate to have our supportive community!

In the office, we welcome Mrs. Barry who is filling in for Mrs. Bulmer while she is away. Mr. Wagner is also helping out as Vice Principal while Mrs. Broadhead is away as well!

We are very grateful for all of our community members!

A note about lates. We have a high number of students who come late on a consistent and regular basis (around 30/day). When students come late to school, this creates work for teachers and the office staff that takes away from learning time. Arriving on time, supports and teaches students about responsibility. Our entry bell is at 8:35 and learning starts right away. Teachers have routines in place so students know that when they enter the class, learning begins. We have some families who wait until after the bell so that they can drive into the parking lot. Please support your child by helping them get to school on time. Supervision begins at 8:20. If you must drive your child to school, please park in the permitted areas around the neighbourhood. See this link for available parking.


Mr. Keesmaat and Mr. Wagner

Important Dates:

Please check our Calendar!

Exciting news for community events (more info coming!):

Evan and Amanda Intermediate Memorial Run – May  30th

Community Fun night and Movie night – Thursday, June 1.

Grade 8 graduation – Monday, June 26th.

EQAO Assessment Dates

Our EQAO testing for primary (grade 3) will take place from June 5th to June 9th and junior grades (grade 6) will take place from May 11th to May 15th inclusive. This is an important assessment for our students and teaching that we use as one piece of data to guide our teaching and your child’s learning. Students will be completing their assessments during one learning block over each of 3 different days. For all students in these grades please avoid scheduling appointments and other school-day interruptions during this time to allow students their optimum opportunity to participate in the assessment.  

Junior Kindergarten Orientation

Once again this year we’re welcoming families and new students to our Kindergarten Orientation! Orientation will take place in the morning of the June 2nd PA Day. Stay tuned for more information!


This year the intermediates headed by Mrs. Zamora are creating a yearbook! They are on sale for $15 each.

School cash online orders close on May 14, no late orders will be accepted!. 


A lot of change happens over the summer! In June – we submit final numbers for preliminary class organizations for September. 

If you are moving out of our area, please contact the office to let us know that you will be leaving our family!

If you know someone who is moving into our area with school aged children, please encourage them to contact our office to register!


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