October 2023 Notes from the Office

Posted October 3, 2023

October 2023

Message From the Office

Hi Everyone!

We have a lot of exciting things happening in October! Please remember to check the school calendar on the website. I try to keep it updated as much as possible.

One of the strategies we are working on for Safe Schools and learning social skills is the “NO, GO, TELL” Strategy. If students encounter someone being unkind, they can say “No, I do not like that” or “No, thankyou”! If the situation continues – they can GO to another place or away from the situation. The last step is to TELL an adult (ideally a staff, and we also encourage students to tell any trusted adult, a parent at home, for instance). if they need help solving the situation. You can help by reviewing and practicing this strategy at home.


Mr. Keesmaat and Mr. Lindsay

Some important events:

OCTOBER 4 is Ride, Walk and Roll to School Day! Actually the whole month of October is Walk, Ride or Roll! Please help increase your child’s health and that of the environment by walking to school as a family!

THURSDAY OCTOBER 5TH is WORLD TEACHER”S DAY! You could have your child write a gratitude note, create a picture for their educator!

FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th is our Picture Day! Information is on our website. We will also send information about a picture retake day if your child will be absent.

School Council – Fresh From the Farm Fundraising ORDERS DUE BY OCTOBER 10

To order, please sign-in to SchoolCashOnline (https://www.schoolcashonline.com/) and select the bundle(s).  Once the payment has been completed, your order has been submitted.  The order deadline will be Tuesday October 10th.

Delivery will take place late November with a follow-up email 10 days before delivery.

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