January 2024 – News from the Office

Posted January 15, 2024

News from the Office

Hi Everyone!

Winter is back! It is amazing to see how the playground transforms into a building zone when we have snow. Play is such an important part of development for a child. It helps teach them problem-solving skills as well as social skills – ways to interact appropriately with their peers! Encourage your children to #getoutside with you or their friends and enjoy the winter weather! There are great trails around the neighbourhood and school, and a great toboggan hill in the Taylor Evans Backyard! Take a stroll through the woods behind the school and search for signs of winter and animals!

Every year we get questions on when it is too cold for the students to be outside. There is no real concrete answer. Decisions depend on the amount of wind, sunlight, length of time out, etc.

We do expect students to come dressed for the weather and to be outside. PLEASE LABEL YOUR CHILD”S CLOTHING! Generally, we do not send the students out if the temperature is below -20. When it is cold outside we use our judgment and be aware of weather and wind conditions, the length of time spent outside, the way children are dressed (we do have extra stuff in the storeroom), and that younger children can be more at risk of frostbite. Please contact the office (or your child’s teacher) if your family could use support purchasing cold weather wear!

Please visit the Environment Canada website at https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/weather-health/uv-index-heat-wind-chill-products.html#toc7  for more information.

Lates and Absences:

The more a student misses important parts of their program, the greater the risk that they will not develop and practice the skills they need to be successful. When your child is late and/or absent (except when they are ill), they miss significant learning. The Ministry of Education defines persistent absence as a student who is absent 10% or more of the time. We have a large number of students who are habitually late and some who have missed a lot of school due to absences. In an effort to support learning, we will be reaching out to families where there is a concern to understand how we can support and work together.

Subject: Exciting News – Yearbook for the School Year 2023-2024

I hope this letter finds you well. The yearbook team is thrilled to announce that our school will once again be creating a memorable yearbook for the academic year 2023-2024.

A  yearbook is a cherished tradition that captures the essence of a school’s community, preserving the special moments, achievements, and memories that make each school year unique. It serves as a keepsake that students, teachers, and families can treasure for years to come.

In the coming weeks, you can expect to receive more detailed information about the yearbook, including important dates, photo permission, and pricing details. We are working diligently to ensure that this year’s yearbook reflects the diversity, spirit, and accomplishments of our school community.

We appreciate your continued support and enthusiasm for our school’s traditions. Together, let’s make the 2023-2024 yearbook a vibrant reflection of the wonderful moments that define our school year.

Warm regards,

Carrie Zamora and the Yearbook Committee 2023/2024


Many times we get questions about homework. If you are looking for ideas to help support your child (in any grade) with activities that will help them develop the skills necessary for academic and life success, take time to play a game before bed, read with them (or let them read to you, a sibling or favourite stuffed animal), or play some math games. For more ideas for math, check out this website for ideas on “Math before bed”: https://mathbeforebed.com/

Upper Grand Learning Foundation

Here is a great article explaining the support offered through our Upper Grand Learning Foundation! A great way to support our community!


Ken Keesmaat John Lindsey

Principal Vice Principal

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