School Council

What is Waverley Drive School Council?

The School council is an advisory body which represents the parents, staff and students within the community. They provide input to the Principal and, where applicable, to the board. The council contributes to improving the students’ environment and learning by working co-operatively with the staff and parent community.

The majority of council members are parents. Parent members may choose to be a parent representative or fill one of the four executive roles that are present on our council. These are Chair, co-Chair, secretary and treasurer. The council also includes one teaching staff member, one non-teaching staff member, one community representative, the Vice-Principal and Principal. All council positions are for a one year term, beginning in September.

If you were on council you could:

  • Assist in the development of our school improvement plans (system, school and curriculum)
  • Participate on committees (School Environment, Communications, Fundraising, Parent Involvement)
  • Be an executive member
  • Provide input on the allocation of funds from fundraising events
  • Provide input on fundraising events
  • Be informed about our programs, school based decisions
  • Provide input into the school’s code of conduct and dress code every 3 years

Council Members Responsibilities:

  • Attend and participate in council meetings (approx. 8 per year
  • Contribute positively to the discussions at meetings
  • Solicit the views of other parents and the community to share at meetings

Read more about Waverley School Council (pdf)
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