Westwood School Council

The next Westwood School Council Meeting will take place virtually at 6:45pm on Thursday, February 4, 2021.  If you would like to attend, please email [email protected] for the link.


School Council meets the first Thursday of the month at 6:45pm in the Community Room

Council email: [email protected]

School Council Minutes:

Westwood School Council Meeting

January 9th, 2019 6:45-8:00pm

Present: Mrs. Topping, Mr. Akyol, Joanne D., Meagan L., Lindsay K., Jen S., Chris G., Holly S., Ashley A.


  1. Agenda (revised) November 9th 6:45pm
  2. Principal’s Report
  3. Fundraising: timing of fundraisers (too much in the fall to ask of families? chocolate bars, MacMillans, Scholastic Book Fair, etc. and esp with other commitments families may have to fundraise such as Scouts/Girl Guides/sports teams, etc), MacMillan’s (too expensive?); other ideas?
  4. Community Events: yoga wellness night – for parents or families? (suggested at last meeting); coffee night (this was not successful last year); another movie night?
  5. Movie Night from November: very few families attended; poster was created and sent to VP, but was not printed and sent home; does administration need someone to come in and do that part? Are parents checking the website/reading the sign out front to know about the event?
  6. VP: some confusion whether or not the position was going to need to be refilled (no formal or informal communication between administration and school council, so there was speculation and assumptions made)
  7. Communication between School and Parents: when teachers are going to be absent for an extended period of time, what communication is received by parents?
  8. Other

Principal’s Report

December was a busy month with many events. Mrs. Warnholtz was very pleased with the holiday concert as she moved the concert to a week earlier than previous years.

The school purchased 22-25 new Chromebooks with help from the MacMillan’s fundraising organized by School Council ($1400). Every class has a similar number of Chromebooks in each now, some classes have more due to students who need one on one support.

Kindergarten registration is ongoing with specific dates of January 7-17th where Chromebooks are available in the office if parents/guardians do not have access to a computer for online registration. Registration is on line, however parents/guardians do not have to complete the forms all at once as they can save and go back to complete. In May there will be a Kindergarten orientation night.

January 17th is the deadline for Booster Juice form (fundraiser).

Our flag is currently lowered for those who lost family members in the Ukraine plane crash.

Labour unrest is still happening; elementary schools are affected when OSSTF has a strike day because the EAs and Office Staff are part of that union.

Afterschool programs such as the Homework Club on Thursdays, and the Read and Run program will resume as there are no teachers needed to run these programs (Tara will be the ‘staff/teacher in charge’ for Read and Run that is required).

January 31st is a PD Day.

Food and Friends have received community support through community members (some do not have children who go to the school) who donated snacks to the Breakfast program.

Zehrs at Paisley Rd will provide another eat-together breakfast on January 21st at 9:00am.

The school appreciates the support of the Food and Friends program, donations from community members as well as Zehrs at Paisley Rd for their contributions towards the school-wide breakfast.



Approximately $1400 from MacMillan’s Fundraiser for purchasing Chromebooks

Approximately $5700 from Chocolate Bar Fundraiser to help reduce the cost (or no cost to students) for field trips for students, reduce the cost of special events/guest such as Scientists in the School, Ropes Course in April (ex. $12 with no fundraising vs $5 per child with the help of fundraising), end of year trips, etc.

An overall feeling from School Council members is that having the bulk of our fundraising in the fall is too much for families especially since most other fundraisers for other commitments outside of school also occurs at this time, and then this all occurs right before the holiday season. Also, other nearby schools have the Chocolate Bar Fundraising at the same time.

 Suggestions: Move Chocolate Bar Fundraising to the Spring, and close to Easter holiday next year.

Other Ideas: Cake-walk (during end of year Yard Party); Party Rockers at the Evergreen Centre, Bottle Drive

Community Events

Suggestion for Wellness night will need to be put on hold as Healthy Schools Certification needs teacher involvement (currently there is work-to-rule with teachers)

Movie Night

Overall mixed feelings about Movie Nights.

Low attendance at the movie night in November (approx. 22 families attended). No poster/information sent home, only displayed on the screens at school. Timing of the movie (starting to get dark at that time in November).

Suggestions: Have first movie night in October next year.

Movie Night for March? The Friday before the break?

Could we have families purchase pizza and drinks ahead of time similar to yard party? Dinner and a Movie?

Communication when Teachers/VP are Absent

Mr. Akyol was on leave for some time in December and council members and parents were confused and perhaps misinformed on the length of time of the leave and possibility of the VP not returning.

A few other teachers have been on leave as well. A letter was sent home regarding one of the leave of absence, and for the other leave of absence, nothing was sent home, or an assumption that there was communication sent home.

Suggestions: Consistent communication when teachers are on a leave of absence (expected or unexpected), and perhaps an approximate time frame if possible. No details need to be provided, only that the teacher will be absent.

Action Items

February’s meeting: make decisions for Movie Night in March



Westwood School Council Meeting

November 7, 2019 6:45-8:00pm

 Present: Mr. Akyol, Joanne D., Meagan L., Lindsay K., Jen S.


  1. Principal’s Report
  2. Movie Night: choose movie, volunteers to help? any snacks to be purchased? anybody good at creating a poster/flyer (Holly has a sample from last year to work from and can send it to you)
  3. Chocolate Bars Fundraiser: are all cases/money returned?
  4. MacMillan’s Fundraiser: could someone please put a post on Facebook reminding families we are fundraising and what for (technology) and the deadline to have orders submitted is Friday Nov 15th; Jen and Holly will meet on Nov 18th to enter orders and count money; who can help sort orders? (Dec 5th am), who can help with order pickup? (Dec 5th evening and Dec 6th?)
  5. Survey from UGDSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)- Mr. Akyol will review and go over how Pro Grants have changed
  6. Other



Brought up that we have trouble getting logged onto UG2GO.  Ibrahim said he would look into figuring out how to get us on.


Principal’s Report (from Mr. Akyol) – (most agenda items discussed)

With the cold weather, please remind students to bundle up and wear snow pants.

Playground closed Nov 1/19 and will reopen April 2/20.  Found small piece that was loose on playground structure. Ibrahim fixed it. Playground closure is board wide.

Community police officer comes in 4-12 sessions throughout the year.  They focus on safety, online social media.

Immunization of grade 7 students. Public health came in and used the library to offer support to students who have anxiety regarding immunizations.  Did it privately with no one around to watch.

Fluoride treatments took place on Nov 12/19.

Picture retakes schedules for Nov 15/19

Progress reports due to the office Nov 8/19 and will come home Nov 19/19. Parent/teacher interviews on Nov 28 & Nov 29. Registration opens on Nov 14/19 for interviews.

Chocolate fundraiser totals not in yet. Sales were good. Top seller sold 15 boxes. We will get totals at next meeting.

Movie night – Ibrahim will look into picking a few titles for us to choose from.

Well being and health survey. Staff completed the survey a few weeks ago. Students are doing survey between Nov 4-15. this happens once every 2 years for grades 4-12. The survey for parents come out at the end of the month.

Healthy Schools – Ontario physical health education. Talking about mental health – offering extra support from October-May. Student involved, parents and council involved, and staff involved.

Talked about doing a wellness night – yoga…

Eco school – we do everything online

Received pro-grant – $500. Money goes to school account. Need to be used by May 2020.

Parent Involvement Committee Survey – done online at meeting.


Movie night – Nov 22/19 with 5:45pm set up, 6:15 doors open, 6:30 movie starts.  Will sell chocolate that was not sold for $2.  Chips, pop and juice box $1.  Going to advertise about bringing own bottle for water.


MacMillans’s Fundraiser – Orders are due Nov 15/19.  Orders go in by Nov 21/19.  Delivery is set for Dec 5/19 @ 11:00.  Driver gets the money for the order at drop off.



Water testing was done at beginning of september.  1 line into the school was over.  Shut everything down and is now running ok.  Everything good.  Custodians run water from each tap everyday to keep things running.


Talked about doing fundraising for new audio system in the gym.  It needs updating.



Westwood School Council Meeting

October 3, 2019 6:45-8:00pm

Present: Mr. Akyol, Mrs. Topping, Ashley A., Holly S., Joanne D., Jake S., Meagan L., Christie L., Lindsay K., Jen S., Chris G.


  1. Principal’s Update
  2. Movie Night – how far in advance do we need to choose the movie (we have another meeting before Nov 22.)
  3. Fundraising: Chocolate Bars, MacMillan’s?
  4. EQAO results
  5. Work-to-Rule job action Support Staff – any impacts for elementary schools?
  6. After School Program Updates/Start-up Dates: Frontier College Homework Club, Run and Read, Art Shine?
  7. Communication: school messenger (are the bugs worked out?), robocalls (positive feedback), Facebook (Michelle, can you provide an update? as I don’t think everyone saw that email)
  8. Other?



Introductions from members, Principal and Vice-Principal

  1. Principal Report from Mrs. Topping

Cross country and football tournaments were held last week of September for the intermediate students. Good experiences and showing of all. Soccer and cross country for junior students are this coming week.

Chocolate bar fundraising assembly was held this week. Families will receive one case of chocolate bars to sell, but can opt out and make a donation instead. Oldest child should get a form sent home explaining the fundraiser and families have the option of paying online for their box. Last year $9000 was raised and money again this year will go towards offsetting the cost of field trips and special guests and events at the school (e.g. Scientists in the School and Summit Climbing).

Deadline for submitting orders for school spirit wear has been extended to Oct. 9th because the samples for kids to try on arrived late.

Westwood will have a Settlement Worker present at the school again to help families settle into their community (government documents, filling out forms, transit schedules, etc.).

Grade 3 students have been practicing for the CCAT testing (Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test) and will write the test the first full week in October. The test is a standardized and helps screen for the gifted program at Waverley P.S. (98% or higher).

The intermediate students (grade 7/8) have had sessions with guidance counsellors about careers and class choices. The grade 8 students will visit the high schools in October.

Grade 5 students are participating in Eco Stars Program again; 1 day in the fall and 1 day in the spring.

Mr. Akyol has been working with Lunch Box Orders to increase selection of lunches with the possibility of offering Boston Pizza (pasta lunch $5.50/order with .70 cent profit or chicken fingers $6.50/order with .70 cent profit on Wednesdays, and 6” subs $5.00/order with .50 cent profit on Fridays). Mr. Akyol will confirm and send out information to families soon. Choices in lunch have increased with grade 8s needing to stay on site for lunch periods.

Booster Juice fundraiser has started on Wednesdays. Pizza lunch fundraiser continues on Thursdays.

  1. Movie Night

Council members have been asked to log into Learn 360, through the app on the UGDSB site to select a movie before the next meeting in November.

Holly will contact Carla S. (past council member) to see if she has last year’s movie night poster that we can work from to advertise this fall’s movie night. Movie Night will be Friday, November 22nd.

  1. MacMillan’s Fundraiser

Jen S. contacted MacMillan’s since QSP magazine and cookie dough fundraiser is no longer in business. MacMillan’s does not have magazine sales but offers cookie dough and more (pizzas, soups and perogies). MacMillan’s offers a 30% profit if we sell between 1-250 items and increases after that. Jen also looked into other options: Mother’s Pantry based out of Winnipeg but felt MacMillan’s is a better option as they are based out of Acton, and Flip Give a gift card app (2%-8% profit).

Question: Is there a minimum amount to purchase a gift card?

Jen S. was not able to access more information with out setting up an account, but thought it was an interesting idea.

Council members agreed to do a MacMillan’s fundraiser for now, starting early November with forms due Nov. 15th and orders arriving first week or so of December. Once they arrive, the items will need to be sorted.

Question: What is the greatest need? What are we fundraising for?

Mr. Akyol: Technology continues to be the greatest need such as more Chrome Books as we do not have enough for every intermediate and junior student (also more iPads).

The MacMillan’s fundraiser will go towards technology.


  1. EQAO results Grade 3 and 6

Mrs. Topping wishes there was better results from the Grade 3 testing.

Question: How does our school compare to the board results?

Mrs. Topping: Our results are always lower, but this year is lower than normal.

Supports have already been put in place such as support from curriculum department, math coaches and curriculum leaders and increase professional development and best practices between teachers. Staff can analyze individual questions too (numeration, number sense and mental math were weak).

Those students who were level 2s are receiving intervention to move to a level 3 quicker. Low scores in the Grade 3 results could range from there being quite a few ESL learners, special needs students scores (if a student does not write, they receive a zero, if they do write, their score may be level 1, however they gain exposure to test taking). The test was also administered within 3 days instead of 6 days.

Grade 6 testing results were good and more align with board average, and this is normal.

Question: Can we do something to promote reading? A literacy night?

Mr. Akyol: That would be great. Parents/caregivers should be encouraging students to read 15-20 minutes every day whether that is a magazine, book, comic, etc. It is practice, and 20 minutes they are not in front of a screen.

  1. Work-to-rule Job Action for Support Staff

This affects our Custodians and Maintenance staff, not EAs or ECEs as they are not part of CUPE with UGDSB. They are currently not cleaning gym, staff room, staff bathrooms or hallways. Heather Loney, Communications Office for UGDSB is updating the website regularly. Administration will provide reports hourly/daily if full strike occurs.

Question: At what point does Public Health step in?

Mrs. Topping: Not sure, but will monitor situation hourly/daily and provide reports to the board.

Question: Are things such as HVAC or fire alarm systems impacted?

Testing as been done and HVAC is maintained by non-union staff.

Question: Will the afterschool program or Good Morning Breakfast Program be affected?

Not that they are aware of.


  1. Afterschool Programs Start-up Dates

There has been a delay in starting these due to potential or occurring job action with Custodians and Maintenance Staff.

Start 2Finish Running and Reading Club will begin the Wednesday after Thanksgiving from 3:15-5:15pm.  Forms to sign up will be sent home as soon as possible. This organization is looking for volunteer coaches. The program is for students in grades 2-6 and promotes literacy and physical activity.

Frontier College has started Happy Hornets Lunch sessions (literacy games) for students in grades 2 and 3 with 10 students participating. These are university volunteer students from. There will also be a math homework club for students in grade 3 Thursdays after school.

  1. Communication

School Messenger has been working better and parents received helped with any issues during the Open House night in September. One issue though is that the robocalls cannot contact 2 numbers (for families with 2 households) but can call one number and send out an email/voice message.

Most teachers are using School Messenger, however those who are not, should then provide other ways to give classroom updates (agendas or emails).

Some classrooms use Google classroom to provide information on assignments and updates.

Jake provided information about Michelle’s Facebook site, “Families of Westwood Public School”. Approximately 26 members have signed up and she has set it up as a closed group and checks with parents/caregivers that their child is in a class at Westwood before accepting them. Joanne is a Moderator on the site. The site is an informal way to remind families about upcoming activities and events at the school and has stated rules such as: families must have a student currently at the school, no spamming and no photos/videos of student faces/recognizable features. The site is moderated by Michelle and Joanne (and possibly other council members).

Mr. Akyol and Mrs. Topping stated that their concern would be privacy issues and posting of video and pictures of students.

Mr. Akyol also reminded everyone that the school’s website continues to be the best place to access up-to-date information regarding communication, information and events and activities at Westwood.

8.  Other

Question: What are areas that need support at the school?

Technology (discussed) and playground. No money provided from the board for outdoor playground.

Mrs. Topping: We could start setting some money aside, but need to provide the reason why we are saving.

Recently, there have been furniture upgrades in Learning Commons (library) and responsive furniture in intermediate classrooms.


Question: Could we do a drive for gift cards for the Good Morning Breakfast Program? Or a food drive for it via social media.

There is now a fee of $5 if your child is there at 7:30am but no fee if you are dropping them off at 8:30am, just for a safe place before yard duty begins. For some families, this may be a barrier to attend.

Mr. Akyol also suggested contacting Cobbs for a donation.

Suggestion from Jen S.: At the last meeting we discussed compostable baggies for the snack program. These are costly and she recommended Eco Cups, which are available at Costco, have a lid and are biodegradable. Mrs. Topping will look into this as a good option.

Action Items before next meeting Thursday, November 7th at 6:45pm in the Community Room:

Mr. Akyol will continue with Lunch Box Orders.

Holly will contact Carla S. regarding movie night poster.

Council members will explore movie options.

Jen S. will continue to get more information from MacMillan’s.


Westwood School Council Meeting       September 5, 2019 6:45-8:00pm

Present: Mr. Akyol, Mrs. Topping, Holly S., Joanne D., Michelle S., Meagan L., Christie L., Heather R.


  1. Fundraising for fall – chocolate bars, Terry Fox, QSP?, poinsettias?
  2. Open House – table, display/slideshow and schedule
  3. Taking and posting school council minutes
  4. Communicating with parents/caregivers
  5. Other


Introductions from members, Principal and Vice-Principal

Principal Report from Mrs. Topping

Construction updates since the beginning of summer: new roof, steel doors including classrooms with a key now inside for teachers to lock their classrooms from inside the classroom; new primary floor; accessible front doors; new classroom furniture (collaborative desks rather than rows of desks); Learning Commons (library) has café style tables; responsive tables and couches and chairs in the intermediate classrooms; with any construction project there are a few delays such as glass inserts for the doors, front mural and hallways being re-painted as well as gymnasium, lines on the pavement in front of primary doors and 4 squares and lines around basketball nets will be re-painted soon, and new plaques will be hung in the front hallway and throughout the school that state ‘Westwood is your home’ with other positive and encouraging phrases.

Classroom re-organization: fingers crossed there are no changes; numbers are low in junior classrooms (22 children), however this is ideal.

School Messenger: board has approved this as a tool for communication and no longer approves Bloomz, Class Dojo, etc. due to privacy and security concerns; not all teachers are using Messenger yet, however many are.  There are glitches but we will have information for parents to assist them getting connected at Open House

Lunch Breaks and cell phones: met with intermediate students to let them know they can no longer leave school property for lunch breaks; there is no supervision off-site (e.g. plaza across from school); discussed lunch options; Thurs. – pizza, Fri. – Subway, and Booster Juice. Some concern from Green Hornet members (ecoclub) – Do they use paper straws? Heather will ask and get Booster Juice start-up information for a 6-week session in fall as we raised $600 from this fundraiser. Cell phones will now be stored in lockers from 8:50am-3:10pm (or office if needed) as there were students being video-taped and shared on social media. Students and teachers agreed that students can move around classrooms at lunch breaks to talk to (rather than text) their friends as well as increase number of intramurals at breaks.

Chocolate bar fundraiser: October 1st – kick-off assembly; last year the school raised $9000 and this helped subsidize many school strips as well as in-house events and special guests (Ropes Course, Scientists in the School, class trips to farms, Children’s Groundwater Festival, etc.) with low or no cost for families.

K-Grade 5: community constables will be present 5-6 times throughout the year to discuss foot patrol, traffic safety, online safety. Grade 6 students are part of VIP program.


Question: noticed there are assemblies posted each month with a theme

Mrs. Topping: the last Thursday of each month there will be someone chosen from each class to receive a Starfish award. Return of Wonderkids Assembly as requested from Student Council president. One period on the last Thursday of each month will be dedicated to the assembly which is student led and focused (with help from Mrs. Warnholtz and Mrs. Walton). After the first 25 minutes, Kindergarten classes will return to their classrooms recognizing it is a long time for them to sit. Student Council felt the momentum and focus of monthly assemblies was lost and bringing back Wonderkids/Starfish awards will bring back community feel to the school.


Question: last year it was mentioned that students and families could purchase spirit wear? (Westwood logo on clothing and accessory items)

Mrs. Topping: will contact person who did this for the grade 8 students last year and plan to have flyer available for families at end of September with a wide range of items (low to medium cost).


  1. Fall Fundraising:
  • QSP (cookie dough and magazine sales) fundraiser used in the past is no longer in operation and the website directs people to MacMillan’s Fundraising. Jen will contact MacMillan’s to see if they will assist us with a similar type fundraiser.
  • Akyol suggested a community BBQ; also, Twice a Deal Pizza left information at the office about when Westwood families place an order, a portion goes towards the school
  • Gino’s Pizza at lunch on Thursdays is a fundraiser – approximately $4200 was raised and used towards gym equipment that is used by all
  • Boogie-a-thon – was not done last year because it lost momentum and school council felt that the school had asked a lot from families (fundraising) already and it was Jump Rope for Heart year (every other year)
  • Foodbank – Ms. Piercy organizes this around holidays such as Christmas and Easter; students can bring in donations and students give a donation at the entrance of school dances
  • Westwood receives $4500 from Children’s Foundation Food& Friends program; this supports the snack program and the West Willow Village Neighborhood Group’s breakfast program and afterschool program’s snack each day. acknowledged that a retired community member, Jan helps with food preparation 3 times per week; suggestions for replacing Ziploc bags are needed; teachers fill up their classroom bowls or children come to the office for the snack program
  • Akyol – a night out at Laser Quest on Victoria Rd in Kitchener would be fun for families if they could offer a certain percentage to donate to the school
  • Movie Night will be Thursday, November 22 with doors open at 6:15pm for snack and drink sales; school council members 5:45pm for set up with snacks near the washrooms this year.
  • Topping – $1400 approximately for school council. Mr. Akyol will confirm if there will be $500 added from the Parents Reaching Out Grant. Members approved purchase of insurance ($151). This comes out of $1400 so that if there was a school event where administration (principal or vice-principal) could not attend, the event would be insured.


  1. Open House Thursday September 19th 6-7:30pm

School Council will have a table at the Open House to encourage more members to join and our slideshow will be on display in the hallway screens; Mrs. Topping will contact Settlement Workers (this was well received last year) to see if someone can attend; West Willow Village Neighborhood Group will attend. The evening is not for parents to discuss curriculum, rather for students, teachers and parents/caregivers to explore the school, meet the child(ren)’s teacher and see their classroom.

  1. Posting School Council Minutes

Holly will record minutes and send to Mrs. Topping to post on the school’s website under ‘Westwood School Council’.

Question: what is the purpose of Westwood’s School Council?

Mrs. Topping: struggles in the past have been small but mighty; school council wanted to have families feel comfortable coming into Westwood for events (e.g. Family Math night, Movie Nights) and assemblies, etc., and not just feel school council was just asking for money; parent engagement is still a goal

  1. Communicating with Parents and Caregivers

School Messenger and the UG Connect App are the main tools for communication. When there is a post/message on the website, it is accessible in any language through the translation feature in the top right-hand corner. Mrs. Topping will provide a ‘Principal’s Message’ post each month, rather than a formal school newsletter. Teachers may still use Agendas or notebooks to communicate and Mr. Akyol will provide updates through robocalls.



Question: How is the library supported?

Various ways: Scholastic Book Fairs; tech leadership/learning team (Mrs. Warnholtz, Ms. Spencer, Mrs. Walton and Mrs. Drake) received funds to purchase technology for all classrooms to use; looking into the fundraiser available through Chapters and First Book Canada

Action Items before next meeting (Thursday, October 3 at 6:45pm in the Community Room:

Heather will get Booster Juice information – day, number of weeks, use of paper/compostable straws

(since the meeting, this has been confirmed that compostable plastic straws are used, and we will start a 6-week session on Wednesdays in the fall)

Mr. Akyol will confirm access to Parent Reaching Out Grant

Mr. Akyol will provide updates to families through robocalls

(since the meeting, Mr. Akyol has sent out a robocall letting families know that the year is off to a good start, and reminders of upcoming events and dates/deadlines)

Options for movie at movie night, and confirm snacks

Jen will contact MacMillan’s

Holly will update slideshow presentation and send to Mrs. Topping to be used at the Open House

School council members will be available to help at table during Open House if they can