School Council


What is School Council?

School Council is a group of parents who meet regularly along with teacher representatives, the principal and vice-principal to discuss matters affecting our children’s education. The members of school council organize fun events for our children to:

  •     Make Willow Road a safer place
  •     Reach out to the school community
  •     Raise money to help support extra school initiatives that may not otherwise be available to our students

How can I volunteer?

We encourage parents to come to School Council meetings or donate their time to school council activities. Volunteers are a distinct group within the school. Some may never be part of the school council, yet they help this group carry out their tasks, for example:

  •     Help to supervise upcoming school council events
  •     Count and roll money, etc.

Get Involved

School Council wants to challenge you to get involved in your child’s education. Being involved in your child’s school is a good opportunity to learn more about your child’s education. Many newcomers find it is one of the best ways to make friends. Research indicates that children do better in school when their parents are involved in their education. Some studies indicate that any kind of involvement is better than none.

2023-2024 Meeting Dates

  • The remaining council dates for this school year are:
  • March 20
  • April 10
  • May 8
  • June 5

Council meets at 6 p.m. in the library