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Clubs and Activities at CCVI (2022-2023)

Quick Reference Guide: 

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
GI Room School Events 

(K. Bradey)

LINK Crew (K. Bradey, C. O’Brien, J Cutting, A. Wallace, E. Froats) DECA 


K Pop Dance Group (Wood)

General Student Council Meetings (Monthly)

(Pop, Fra, O’Br)

B210 Student Council Executive – Weekly Meetings (C. (Popofski/E. Franklin/O’Brien) SSA (K. Treiguts)
B202 Classics Club 

(A. Wilson)

B214 European Culture/Language/

(R. Tanner)

Academic Club 

(R. Tanner)

Chemistry Club

(R. Tanner)

Desi Club/

South Asian Student Association


A209 Reach for the Top 

(J. Bryson)

Chess Club 

(Mulhern Sem 2

Bryson Sem 1)

A115 Newspaper 

(C. Milne)

Grad Committee 

(C. Milne)

A203 GSA (J. Manzo)

Hot Potato Initiative 

(J Manzo)

LC Basement Book Club (HBaber)


E101 Senior Band (Morning)

Music Council (Lunch)

Junior Band


Jazz Band (Morning)

Guitar (Afternoon)

Senior Band (morning)

Choir (Afternoon)

Drumline (Afternoon)

E103 Robotics Club


(Starts late Sept.)

E104 Movie Club 

(J. Cassidy)

Stage/D124 CCDT – 8-9am (Knox) K-Pop Group (Knox) CCDT 8-9am (Knox) 
C122 Christian Students


A207 HOSA (Cutting) 

(starts at the end of October)

A204 Social Responsibility Club 

(C. Lipovschek; J. Cutting, K.Crawford, K.Gad)

A215 Muslim Student Association (Wyche)
A108 Math Club 

(A. Wallace, W. Azimi)

Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) Group (R. Wood)
C212 East/ Southeast Asian Student Association


Smash Bros Gaming (E. Walmsley)
C209 Multicultural Club (Osmond, Kowaleski, Pennington)
Mezzanine  K Pop Dance Group (Wood)

Student Councils 

Council Time Location Staff Advisor Club Description
Academic Council

(& Chemistry


Wednesdays – lunch 

(every other week)

B210 Ms. R. Tanner The role of this Council is to engage students in academic enrichment. The Council will allow for the interactions between academic clubs as well as encouraging these clubs to interact in a whole school environment.  Clubs included are:  Classics Club, Chemistry Club, Science Olympics, Science Fair, Sanofi BioGENEius, Model UN, School Reach Trivia Club, DECA, Chess Club, Math Club , AP (Advance Placement and Advanced Problem Solving) Club, Skills Canada, Envirothon, Mock Trials, White Pine Book Club
School Events Mondays – Lunch GI Room Ms. K. Bradey The role of this Council is leadership in the execution of all of Centennial’s major events. It also aims to socially enrich the lives of Centennial students. Also includes Tech Crew (handles the technical support required for events)
Grad Committee Thursdays – lunch Learning Commons – Upstairs Ms. C. Milne / Ms. M. Lowry The role of this Committee aims to raise school spirit and school involvement for graduating students through planning and executing various activities throughout the school year.
Link Crew Wednesdays – lunch GI Room Ms. K. Bradey & Ms. C. O’Brien, Ms. J Cutting, Mr. A. Wallace, & Mr. E. Froats The role of this Council is to support Grade 9 

students through their transition to high school and help create a positive experience for them. Link Crew Leaders (Grade 11 and 12 selected students). A Team (Grade 10 selected students).

Music Council Tuesdays – lunch Learning Commons – Basement Mrs. M. Downton
Social Responsibility Council Fridays – lunch B210 Mr. C. Lipovchek; Ms. K. Crawford; Ms. K. Gad;

Ms. J. Cutting

The role of this Council is to promote current environmental and social issues in our community as well as throughout the world.  A sub-group this year will be working on action projects (e.g. planting pollinator plants, new composters etc.) 
Student Council Mondays – lunch B210 Ms. C. Popofski,  Ms. E. Franklin, Ms. C. O’Brien Student Council aims to raise school spirit and promote student involvement creating fun, positive and inclusive experiences for every student.
SSA Tuesdays – lunch A208 Mr. K. Treiguts The role of this Council is to plan and organize school athletic events. It aims to raise school spirit and promotes varsity as well as intramural athletic involvement. Includes varsity teams, intramurals, triathlon club.


Academic Clubs

Club Time Location Staff Advisor Club Description
Classics Club Thursdays – Lunch A212 Ms. A. Wilson Classics Club explores aspects of the Classical World (Ancient Rome and Greece) through Mythology, Art, History etc.  Meetings are active with fun activities that re-enact mythological or historical aspects of the ancient world.  Students have opportunities to compete in several off-campus competitions with other schools around the province including the overnight trip in May to the annual Classics Conference competition. (Plans are in progress for an on-site Conference in May of 2023 but it will likely only be 2 nights away rather than the traditional 4.)
Computer Science Club TBD C206

(classroom code xn246pw)

Mr. B. Cutten CS Club is for any student who wants to explore the exciting realm of computer science. Members are given access to learning resources, as well as opportunities to compete in contests and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. No prior experience is required, beginners are welcome.
DECA Thursdays, lunch GI Room Ms. M. Lowry; Mr. B. Cutten; Ms. A. Moffatt DECA’s mission is to be the leading, innovative extra-curricular program for secondary school students in Ontario by creating professional partnerships and experiential learning opportunities that allow students to develop confidence, employability skills and demonstrate leadership in business.
HOSA Virtual Virtual Ms. J. Cutting Students are working towards a competition in March, studying different materials on an area in health care they are interested in.  They compete through trivia, medical tests, etc at the competition.  Students learn key medical skills.

Classroom code eycza72

Improv Team Tuesdays at lunch B118 Ms. Bunce Membership of this team is done through auditions
Math Club Mondays – Lunch
Mr. A. Wallace; Mr. W. Azimi Math beyond the curriculum.  Members take part in games, contests, and problems to enrich the mathematical soul.
Reach for the Top Tuesdays – Lunch A209 Mr. J. Bryson The Reach for the top trivia club is for students to have fun, while increasing their knowledge. There are questions about a vast range of topics, such as Math, Science, Movies, Literature, Sports, History, Geography, and more. Everyone is encouraged to attend drop in games, which happen every Tuesday in A209. Regular attendees are invited to join Centennial’s junior or senior reach for the top team, which compete against the other highschools in Guelph at tournaments in the spring.
Chemistry Club Wednesday – Lunch 

(twice a month)

B214 Ms. Tanner Prepare for science olympics, chemistry competitions, advertise science activities like SHAD and competitions like Chem 13 and Sir Issac Newton
Robotics Club Tuesday – Lunch E103 Mr. Schaeffer An opportunity for students to build and program robots.  Students participate in challenges that use those robots to solve problems. 

Arts Based Clubs

Club Time Location Staff Advisor Club Description
*CCDT – Centennial Competitive Dance Club

*Dance Inc.

*Tuesdays and Thursdays – 8am – 9am

*Period 1 



Sem 2


Sem 1

Ms. S. Knox *Rehearse competitive dance pieces for competition.  

Choreographed by CCDT Exec./Dancers.

*Show Week: November 13-17

K-Pop Dance Group Thursdays – Lunch Mezzanine Ms. Wood Fun group who get together to create K-Pop dances.  
Choir Thursdays – After school E101 Mrs. M. Downton The choir has a group of students practice and perform a variety of choral music.
Guitar Ensemble Wednesdays  – after school E101 Mrs. M. Downton
Jr. Band Tuesdays – After School E101 Mrs. M. Downton
Sr. Band Tuesdays & Thursdays – Morning E101 Mr. E. Froats
Improv Team Tuesdays – lunch Drama Room Ms. T. Bunce  By audition
Marching Corps Thursday – After school Outside Mr. E. Froats Marching Corps is a club where students play instruments while marching in formation.  This club performs at various school events and competitions.
Jazz Band Wednesday -Morning E101 Mr. E. Froats

Art club

TBA c110-109 Ms Mulcahey and Ms Silverstone Numerous student lead art making initiatives as well as potential community reach out- IE set design for GLT Mondays after school for month of September


Other Clubs

Club Time Location Staff Advisor Club Description
Best Buddies Club Weekly social visits + 4 annual parties

(see Ms. Kearley if interested) 

A102 Ms. M. Kearley This program develops real friendships between student volunteers and students in our Life Skills Program.  Volunteers participate in a number of social events, have the opportunity to help with the Special Olympics and gain volunteer hours.
Gender Sexuality Alliance


Wednesdays – lunch GI Room Ms. J. Manzo GSA is a group of students who come together to support the LGBTQ+  community and its allies.  Come to get involved in an event or even just to hang out and talk!
Movie Club Wednesdays – lunch E104 Mr. J. Cassidy Movie club is for any student who enjoys movies and the filmmaking process. Students will collaborate in the movie making process and review of various movies. 
Tech Crew Thursdays – lunch Cage on the Stage Mr. J. Wright Tech Crew is a group of students who are trained on different technologies and run the A/V tech for different school and community events.
Model UN Not currently meeting C122 Mrs. Swance An educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations
Christian Students’ Association Fridays – Lunch C122 Mrs. Swance All are welcome!
“Desi Club”/

South Asian Students’ Association

Fridays – lunch B214 Ms. Pandey & Ms. Linton This is a social group for anyone of South Asian descent (“Desi”) or anyone interested in South Asian culture.  The goal of this group is to celebrate and showcase South Asian culture through various events. Some examples: Bollywood Movie Night, Diwali/Eid Dinner, Holi (colours festival) etc.  Events are suggested by students and run by students.  Everyone is welcome to join! 
East and Southeast Asian Students’ Association Wednesday- lunch C212 Ms. Klonikowski This is a social group for anyone of East and Southeast Asian descent or anyone interested in East and Southeast Asian culture. The goal of this group is to celebrate and showcase East and Southeast Asian culture through various events. Some examples: Movie lunches, trivia, Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.  Events are suggested by students and run by students.  Everyone is welcome to join!
Muslim Student Association Thursday Lunch A215 Mr. Wyche Last year, the Muslim Student Association held social events at lunch, had Eid celebrations for the school, organized a prayer space, and raised money for charity.  All are welcome! 
BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) Group Tuesday – Lunch C121 Ms. Wood This is a social and activist club for everyone but specifically from students who are black or indigenous. The goal of the group is to celebrate black and indigenous culture and to participate and run activist events. The club and events are decided on and run by students. All are welcome to join!
Multicultural Club Colleen Kowaleski, Teri Osmond, Michael Pennington