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2021 Commencement Update

Our 2021 grads have been patiently waiting for details regarding Commencement. The school board consulted with Public Health and we can now finalize a plan that aligns with the guidelines. In the coming days all grads will be contacted by phone or email to communicate the plan and inquire about attendance. Commencement will take place on October 7th at Centennial CVI and will include timed visits for grads to receive their diplomas and grad packages.

This year’s ceremony will look different from the traditional ceremony held pre-COVID, but we are excited that schools will be able to celebrate their graduates in-person. There are specific guidelines that all UGDSB high schools will follow to adhere with Public Health, Ministry of Education and Board health and safety protocols.
Students/Parents (limit to 2 Parents/Family members per graduate) will be assigned times in 15 minute intervals.
All families are to enter through the back doors of “E Hall” (close to the bus loading area)
Station 1 – Verification of Vaccination (as per PH this can be done in advance)
● Students/parents arrive in designated parking lot and follow directions to enter the school.
● Greeted by admin and vaccination status confirmed. Please complete this form prior to the event and bring it with you, along with proof of vaccination
● If vaccination cannot be verified – Student and Parents proceed to alternate station outside to receive diploma package and picture taking opportunity
Station 2 – Check In 
● Students proceed to check in station where they receive their grad gowns and caps
● Students receive an index card with their name on it and any awards they have received are listed
● Students will confirm what they are doing now with regard to education/work/return for 12+ (to be announced when they cross the stage)
Station 3 – Stage Walk 
● Students proceed from check in station to Cafe/Stage Area
● Students walk across the stage where they are announced (using information on the index cards)
● Staff will hand students a ‘fake’ diploma and be available for socially-distanced pictures
Station 4 – Photo Opportunities Station
● Grads and Family proceed to Photo Station – an opportunity for photos with a photo display will be set up for students/families to take pictures
Station 5 – Grad Package Pick-Up Station
● Tables set up alphabetically with student diplomas, grad composites and a gift from the school to students to pick up before the exit.
Station 6 – Return Gowns

Orange Week for Truth & Reconciliation Sept 27th-30th

Spartans, as part of Truth and Reconciliation Week next week, Centennial will be creating a display on the front lawn. We will hang a clothesline with orange T-shirts & display stuffed animals & shoes in good condition to help honour the children whose lives were taken as the result of Canada’s residential school system. We will also have a chance for you to write the name of a residential school Survivor on the sidewalk in front of the school. If you can donate shoes or a stuffed animal or would like to write the name of a residential school Survivor on our front sidewalk, please visit the display between 8:30 and 9:00 am or during lunch any day from Monday to Thursday next week. Thanks in advance for your support of and participation in Truth and Reconciliation Week. 

There will be many activities throughout the week.  On Sept 30th there will be Grade specific walks during the day.  We will encourage students and staff to wear Orange Shirts.  We will be fundraising for the Woodland Cultural Centre,  raising money to restore and maintain the Mohawk Institute Residential School, which is the closest residential school to Guelph, and one suggested by our Indigenous Education Lead, Colinda Clyne. We will be raising money through the sale of t-shirts and invite students to donate money before the walk on Sept. 30th.  Orange Shirts will be for Sale all week.

The Woodland Cultural Centre’s “Save the Evidence is a campaign to raise awareness and support for the restoration of the former Mohawk Institute Residential School, and to develop the building into an Interpreted Historic Site and Educational Resource. As a site of conscience, the final goal is to create a fully-realized Interpretive Centre that will be the definitive destination for information about the history of Residential Schools in Canada, the experiences of Survivors of the schools, and the impact that the Residential School system has had on our communities.”



School and Bus COVID Positive Case

Sept 17, 2021 – School And Bus Case Information Letter


CCVI Pickup and Drop off

As you are aware, there is a significant amount of traffic around the school during drop off and pickup times. We want to be respectful of our neighbours and keep residential streets clear. Please refrain from parking on Vanier Dr. and surrounding residential complexes. We understand this is frustrating as the parking lot is gridlocked with buses and student cars. We encourage students to be active by walking or biking to school and please consider picking students up closer to the mall. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and respect.

Important Information & Forms

Daily Covid Screening:  Students must Screen Daily before coming to school. Here is the link to the most recent WDGPH screening tool:

Quad 1 & 2 Calendar:  UGDSB Secondary School Calendar Quad 1 & 2

CCVI Period Schedule: 

Pd 1:  9:10-11:40

Lunch: 11:40-12:40

Pd 2:  12:40-3:10

Student Absences/Lates:  If a student is going to be absent/or has been absent from an entire period, please call/or email the school to report the absence.  Late students go directly to class.

Students with last names A-L:  Michelle Burns (extension 306), [email protected]
Students with last names M-Z:  Lori Keller (extension 313), [email protected]

Lunch Details: 

  • 11:40am-12:40pm – Students will eat lunch in their period 1 classrooms
  • To reduce contacts in the halls, students will bring their lunches with them to their period 1 classes (no locker visits before lunch)
  • Students are permitted to leave the building during lunch – you must exit pd 1 from the closest door
  • If students return to the building prior to 12:30pm, they are to go back to their period 1 classroom until classes switch / otherwise stay outside of school until 12:30pm
  • Students will bring home all garbage and recycling from their lunches
  • Food cannot be purchased in the school.  Food cannot be heated in the school.

School Entry and Locker Info:

Find an available locker near your period 1 class and you must put a lock on it. Make sure you write down the locker number & combination as your homeroom teacher will record it.  Dudley locks are preferred. All Lockers in Athletic Hallway for Sports Teams only.  Please do not put any belongings in an unlocked locker.

Reminders for Students and Parents:
  1. Daily Covid Screening: All students must complete daily Covid screening before 9am –
  2. Lunch: If students return/enter the building prior to 12:30pm, they must return to their period 1 classrooms (to maintain cohort contacts)
  3. Parent Drop-Off: The front driveway is only for buses transporting students with special needs. CCVI has 1200 bus students and the parking lot is very busy – please follow signs. If possible, please arrange for an alternate location to drop off and pick up students.
  4. No Spartan Fees this year – students will pay as they go for activities (ie. Sports Teams).
  5. No Yearbooks this year.
  6. Best Practice:  When using our hallways & stairways  – everyone should travel with their right arm closest to the wall.

Bus Transportation:

Please check each day as there may be changes to your student’s bus route. Link: Sign into the parent portal to get assigned bus routes.

If your child opted out of Transportation for the 2020-2021 school year and now you would like to opt-in, please call STWDSTS 1-519-824-4119.

If your child is eligible for school vehicle transportation and you know that other plans are in place to get your child to school, please complete this Transportation Opt-Out form.
Please note: Due to relevant physical distancing and public health safety measures, the assignment of Courtesy transportation has been delayed indefinitely for the 2021-2022 school year.

Media/Website Consent Form & FOI Notice

Yearly Consent Newsletter Media And Website Reviewed 2020 JUNE 15 – Please return this form if you do not consent /or want limited consent

Routine Use And Disclosure FOI Notice 2020 JUNE 15

Students with Life Threatening Allergies &/or Medical Conditions

Students must carry their medical devices with them at all times.

Update on secondary inter-school athletics


Addressing anti-Asian racism, resources to support educators

Posted March 3, 2021

This month, the Upper Grand District School Board’s Equity Team shared with staff a resource on addressing anti-Asian racism. We all have a role to play in learning, unlearning and working to dismantle racism and oppression in our communities.

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Transitioning to High School Pathways

Posted November 25, 2020

Please refer to the following link for information on transitioning to high school ⇒ UGDSB Pathways

Student Nutrition Program

Posted September 10, 2020

Food & Friends Student Nutrition Program evolves to meet the needs of school-aged kids during COVID 19 precautions. • Families in need of food support can request a Food & Friends at Home kit using this online form   Student Nutrition Program 2020

Free dental care for children/youth (17 & younger)

Posted March 28, 2019


Water Testing

Posted October 2, 2018



Posted September 19, 2017


First Nation, Métis, Inuit Self-identification

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