Information about the First Day of School

Posted September 4, 2021

Hello Elora Families!

Over this weekend, emails will be sent indicating the homeroom and homeroom teacher for students.  Below is further information that will be included in the email.   We will also be sending brief phone messages informing families of homerooms and homeroom teachers.   We are sending phone and email in an attempt to not miss anyone.  If you have not received an email or phone message by the end of Sunday, please contact us on Monday at [email protected]

Students will meet their homeroom class on Tuesday morning at the back of the school.   The homerooms will be posted on a large orange pilon.   In general, grade 7 and 8 students meet on the hard top by the large parking lot.   Kindergarten meets by the “rocks” at the middle of the back of the school.   Meeting spots for Grades 1 to 6 are located along the back of the school heading toward the portable.

For students who walk to school, please plan to arrive at 8:45 or slightly before.   The bell to go inside rings at 8:50 AM.  Dismissal is at 3:20 PM.

If your child travels on the school bus, students will be met at the front bus loop by staff and guided around the west side of the school to the back.   Staff will help them find their homeroom sign.  Bus students should keep their masks on as they leave the bus and proceed toward their homeroom spot.  Bus students will be called out of class prior to the end of the school day to help them find their bus line and know the bus routine.  

We will have a significant amount of teachers and other staff members outside in the morning to help everything go smoothly.  

Schools received some new updates this past week in terms of protocols and guidelines with respect to COVID.    Masks are still expected at all times inside for all grades (except when eating).   Students will be able to play outside without masks, but this is only within their class (cohort).   If they are playing with students who are not in their class, they must be masked.  To help manage this, each divisional area will be given a common area where they can mix with students from other classes with their masks on.   They will also be given a home base for their homeroom where they can socialize and play with classmates without a mask. 

The opportunity to play with students in other classes is a step in the right directions, however, the guidelines around it will require some practicing.  Teachers will be reviewing this on the first day of school.

For younger students, please share with them that the sandbox is open, but the play structure will remain closed.   The play structure situation is not COVID related.   We are awaiting some repairs.

To help us get back into following the required protocols at school, we are asking that students and family members who are dropping students off be masked when they arrive on the property.   We want students to have a clear understanding of when masks can be off and when they need to be on outside.   Until we explain that, we need everyone to be extra diligent with masks.   Thanks for your understanding and support with this.

We still can only allow essential visitors into the school.  This means parents are not allowed into the school unless there are exceptional circumstances.   For students who are dropped off late, or picked up early, please pull up to the front of the school, give us a call and we will meet you at the front door.

Finally, but most importantly, we want to have a safe and successful return to school.   All staff and students must complete the daily COVID screening prior to coming to school.  This is the link:   If the screening indicates that your child should not come to school, please do not send them to school.  Thank you for your support with this.   General guidelines about the return to school can be found at: 

If you have any questions about the above information please send an email to [email protected].   Staff have spent a significant amount of time setting up classes that are properly balanced and within the Ministry standards for numbers.  They cannot be changed.   If you have more than one child at Elora PS and need clarification of who is in which class (ie. twins), send us an email.

Please enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Curt McQueen


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