School Mission Statement and Goals at Hyland Heights

With parental support, we strive to create a safe environment that promotes individual growth,academic success and social values that lead to the development of a positive self image in our students.

All Grades

To keep Literacy the Main Thing!


To develop in all students, the skills to become independent readers and learners.


Continue developing literacy skills which will enable students to become independent readers and learners.


Use established literacy skills to expand learning opportunities for all students.

General (all divisions)

  • To improve the understanding and performance of mathematical concepts in all our students.
  • To implement the Ontario Curriculum as a core resource.
  • Provide a safe environment which fosters respect, accountability and safety for all individuals.
  • To develop a Professional Learning Community, with collaboration between staff and school and community with the goal of “improved student learning”.


The Upper Grand District School Board subscribes to a philosophy of education that embraces the intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, moral and cultural fulfillment of the individual. To this end, our schools share responsibilities with the home and those agencies within the community who seek to meet the cultural and social needs of people.

The basic aim of education, therefore, is to provide for the individual to grow in knowledge, to seek truth, to assess values, and to develop physically to find his/her place as a happy and productive member of society.

All children in the Upper Grand District School Board have the right to the best education available. This means that they are entitled to access the education and training facilities for which their talents qualify them and that no condition of race, religion, language or background shall be allowed to impede their progress to full citizenship. Schools are dedicated to providing, within the limit of its financial resources, an opportunity for each individual to be educated to the limit of their ability.