Get involved as a Parent Volunteer. There are many ways to be involved in the education process. First and foremost is your involvement in your own child’s education. Meet the teacher, ask questions, show an interest and support your child’s studies. You are encouraged to become one of the dedicated volunteers at Hyland Heights School. If you know someone in the community who has some extra time, get them to call the school-Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Moms, Dads, older Siblings work very well together to enhance the learning environment.

Upper Grand District Schools strongly support the use of volunteers. Volunteers can:

  • Give teachers additional help for individual pupils having some difficulty with an area at school or needing some support that perhaps is not available at home.
  • Enable teachers to broaden the regular program and enrich student experience.
  • Assist the teacher-librarian in many non-teaching duties and tasks.
  • Take advantage of an opportunity for interested community members to participate effectively in our school program.
  • Strengthen school-community relations through positive participation.
  • Assist with the School’s Breakfast Program

It is a requirement of the Board that ALL volunteers complete a “Volunteer Information Form”. The form indicates that volunteers “may be subjected to a criminal police check. More and more this is becoming a standard requirement not only in schools but in sports and community organizations. We at Hyland Heights strongly encourage all parent volunteers to obtain and provide this criminal record check. If you need information on this procedure please check with the office.

It is a requirement of the Board that ALL volunteers complete a “Volunteer Agreement Form”. Included in this handbook is a copy of this form for you to fill in and leave on file in the office. Hyland Heights also requires that all volunteers obtain and provide a criminal record check. If you need information on this procedure please check with the office.


Each year parents and the community contribute thousands of dollars to the school through fundraising activities initiated by Student Council, Parents’ Council and The School to support school activities for our students. These funds are used to:

  • Offset the cost of school excursions
  • Subsidize less fortunate students
  • Provide breakfast and break snack for students in need
  • Purchase instructional materials for special projects
  • Provide funds to enhance the climate at the school
  • Provide funds to support capital projects (larger initiatives)

The students at the school benefit significantly from fundraising initiatives. It is not, however, our intent to overburden the community. The following fundraising projects will support student activities at Hyland Heights:

Charity Fundraising

Each year Hyland Heights participates in a variety of charity fundraisers. We appreciate any funds that are raised by these events, but most importantly we try to build awareness, and instill a sense of community and compassion toward those less fortunate.

School Council Fundraising

Some examples of School Council Fundraising include:

  • Throughout the year the Parent Council will have Pizza Days. The proceeds from these sales will support Parent Council and school activities.
  • Christmas Carol Evening—Basket Raffle—Information to follow.

Q.S.P. Magazine Sales

During the month of October the school will be participating in a magazine initiative. This “food for the mind” fundraiser will support our Literacy Goals and support reading, as well as being a minor fundraising opportunity.


This year students will once again be involved in a school wide Dance or Boogie-A-Thon. Senior students will teach classes dances that will then be featured at the Dance-A-Thon. Details of this initiative will follow at a later date.