School Supplies

Basic supplies, textbooks, library books, and workbooks are given to the students as needed. Teachers will give out reasonable quantities. The students are reponsible for the care and use of these materials.

Most, if not all, school property and materials (i.e. texts, library books, etc) are marked with the school stamp. Please be watchful of such things being left at home for extended periods as they may be overlooked and become lost to the school. Rising costs of all materials make it increasingly difficult to replace such items. Careful use of the resources help us spend our tax dollars wisely.

Taking note of your child’s regularly scheduled library periods will help ensure borrowed books are returned on time. The handing out of school supplies (pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.) is regulated by the teacher. Students will be expected to replace any school equipment which has been vandalized.

It is helpful if students come to school with their own supply of glue sticks, pencil crayons, markers and writing pens/pencils. Please try to send only regular wood-tipped pencils – the fancy pencils with plastic or glittery coating ruins the school pencil sharpeners. In Grades 3-8, students should have their own supply of lined loose-leaf paper and binders. Teachers will hand out specific supply lists in the fall if there are additional items that are required.