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Daily School Absence Report

The UGDSB is reporting daily on school absence rates, allowing us to monitor absenteeism rates and transparently share this information with the public. To view the dashboard, click here

Letter to families from the Minister of Education on changes to Provincial Code of Conduct

Posted April 29, 2024

Please see below for a letter from the Minister of Education, to Ontario parents/caregivers. To download a copy of the letter, please click here.

Dear parents,

For the first time in nearly a generation, our government successfully negotiated agreements ...

Happy Passover!

Posted April 22, 2024

Happy Passover 2024 | Cromos Pharma We would like to wish our community members who are observing Passover (Pesach) a very Happy Passover. Passover is often celebrated with great pomp and ceremony, especially on the first night, when a special family meal called the seder is ...

Every Day Counts! Student Support Week 4

Posted April 22, 2024

Attendance Matters-Everyday Counts | Bonnie Brennan Elementary Hello John Galt Families, This week, let’s discuss some things to do if all the strategies you’ve tried so far to encourage regular attendance at school with your child haven’t worked.  Be consistent! ...

Every Day Counts! Student Support Part 3

Updated April 18, 2024

Attendance Matters-Everyday Counts | Bonnie Brennan Elementary Hello John Galt Families: When it comes to student attendance at school, Every Day Counts! This week our tips for supporting your child’s attendance at school focuses on ways to involve the school. See below for some strategies you ...

Every Day Counts! Student Support Week 2

Updated April 12, 2024

Attendance Matters-Everyday Counts | Bonnie Brennan Elementary We are continuing to share information to help families support their child’s attendance at school. Below are some tips you can try that involve the routines and the environment at home. Practice consistent bedtime ...


Posted April 12, 2024

Tickborne Diseases in Ohio | Ohio ... Hello John Galt Families: Please see below the memo and links from Public Health may be helpful if you are looking for information.   Blacklegged Tick and Lyme Disease Thanks Your John Galt Admin Team

Every Day Counts! Student Support Week 1

Posted April 12, 2024

Attendance Matters-Everyday Counts | Bonnie Brennan Elementary Is your child struggling with attending school? We are here to help! Throughout the month of April we will be sharing tips and strategies with parents/guardians to help encourage regular school attendance - because Every Day ...

Every Day Counts! Why regular student attendance at school really matters

Updated April 22, 2024

In the UGDSB, we know how important school attendance and established routines are for students to build knowledge, skills and confidence. Regular attendance is more than just a requirement; it’s a critical building block for academic success, social development, and future opportunities. While we may face challenges that ...

April Communications Newsletter

Posted April 2, 2024

Hello John Galt Families: The April Communications Newsletter is out!  In this month's issue we have information about: Every Day Counts! Student attendance  Student career fairs Mental health literacy for students ...

Happy Sikh Heritage Month

Posted March 26, 2024

Sikh Heritage Month - April Celebrated every April, the Sikh Heritage Month is an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about Sikh Canadians and the important role they have played and continue to play in communities across Ontario. Whether you're familiar with Sikh culture ...
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