Playground Rules

Playground Equipment Rules:

  1. Take turns – Follow the schedule that is posted outside classrooms and by exit doors.
  2. Maximum 3 people on the spinner with 1 person spinning. Don’t push too hard.
  3. Maximum 2 people at once on the climbing rope section.
  4. Maximum 1 person on each pole at a time.
  5. When sliding down the slide, make sure the path is clear.
  6. Do not climb UP the slide.
  7. Do not run, push or play roughly
  8. Do not throw sticks, stones or other objects
  9. Do not wear scarves or drawstrings.
  10. Do not play with skipping ropes on the equipment.

Snow Rules:

At PEPS, we are lucky enough to have a huge yard with vast amounts of snow. The following are guidelines in order to respect others when playing with and enjoying the snow.

  1. Do not destroy snow structures that others have built.
  2.  Everyone who builds a structure has to agree to change or break it down.
  3. We do not play games involving war between snow structures.
  4. We need an invitation to go into a snow structure.
  5. We do not take snow blocks from other groups’ structures unless we have their permission.
  6. We do not take over other groups’ snow structures, unless they have been abandoned.
  7. We solve our problems using words or getting an adult to help, not by being aggressive or rough with others.
  8. Snow stays on the ground (no throwing snow balls, ice, or loose snow)

Yard Reminders:

  • Hands off AT ALL TIMES
  • There is no physical contact in games.
  • There is no play fighting.
  • Respect should be demonstrated by all.
  • Playground equipment is closed (off bounds) during the winter months.
  • Use ‘Rock/Paper/Scissors’ to solve small problems
  • If students are having problems they can not solve on the yard, they should get a yard supervisor to assist.


Hockey Rules (Junior Yard):

Please appreciate that the adults on the yard are concerned about your safety and want to promote safe play. Respect the direction given by all team members and staff on duty.  Play safely, fairly and enjoy the sport!

  1. School hockey plastic sticks will be provided. Sticks should not be curved.
  2. Appropriate language will be expected and all components of the PEPS Code of Positive Behaviour will apply.
  3. No rough play or body contact. This includes checking, pushing, shoving, hooking, tripping, slashing, hitting with the stick, stick on stick contact etc … ).
  4. No high sticking – no sticks above the waist. No slapshots. Try to keep stick in contact with the ground.
  5. Only tennis balls are to be used, provided by the school. If the ball leaves your playing area, your game must stop and the ball is to be carried to the side of the playing area before re-starting the game.
  6. When the bell rings, the game is over. No last shots. No “next goal wins”.
  7. Pylons, sticks and other equipment used must be brought into the school after each recess.
  8. All students should play fairly. If a student breaks a rule, you should remind him/her of the rule and as a group, you may decide a penalty applies. If a problem arises that can not be solved by students, an adult supervisor should be asked to assist. Students who do not play safely and cooperatively will be asked to stop playing and to leave the hockey area and/or report to the office.
  9. The goalie is also considered a referee and will call any and all infractions that they see, regardless of which team the student is playing on.
  10. Staff will ask students who do not play cooperatively to stop playing and leave the hockey area. Consequences will be given as required.