The safety and security of all students, staff and visitors is important to us. We have implemented the following:

  • We ask that all parents phone the school prior to 8:30 AM to let us know of their child’s absence. Please call 519 941-0220 ext. 100 and leave a message. If this call is not made, it is necessary for our office staff to make contact with you to verify why your child did not arrive at school. If we cannot verify absence, your child will be considered missing and the police will be contacted.
  • Students who are late to school must call the office (519-941-0220) and the office coordinator will let the student into the building.  Parents are to remain outside in accordance with our COVID 19 Health and Safety procedures.
  • Should you have to pick your child up during the day, you are asked to call the office both when you are at the front doors to pick up your child and when you are returning your child to the school.

Bus Attendance

  • Attendance is maintained on all bus routes. If your child is not riding their afternoon bus, we ask that you call the school before 2:30 PM. We need to know who is picking your child up. If a child is not accounted for on a bus attendance list, the bus is held up until your child can be located.

Visitors & Volunteers

  • Due to COVID 19, we are unable to have visitors or volunteers in our school at this time.

Supervision & Playgrounds

  • Our climbers are currently closed.  Students may arrive on school grounds at 8:20am.  Students are supervised by school staff as well as lunchroom supervisors beginning at 8:20am until 8:30am at which time teachers receive their students for the start of the school day.  Parents and guardians are asked to leave school grounds promptly at drop-off as we are working to ensure the safety of our students due to COVID 19.  During eating times and outdoor recess times, students are supervised by school staff and lunchroom supervisors.  Currently, students are assigned specific areas of the school property at recess times to ensure they are playing with their own class cohorts.  They are not permitted to play with students in other classes at this time.

Fire Drills

  • In order to be prepared for an evacuation of the school, six (6) fire drills are mandated and held in a school year (3 before December and 3 between January and May). Procedures are taught and practised.

Tornado Drills

  • In the event of severe weather, classes are assigned a “safe spot” in the school. Classes learn where their assigned safe spot is and how to sit. A tornado drill rehearsal is held in the fall and a drill is held in the spring. Students are taught that if they are in the yard and three bells are heard, they are to immediately come into the school and go to their safe spot.

Lockdown Drill

  • To prepare for the event of a dangerous intruder in the building, a lockdown is practised once a year. A lockdown means that all exterior and interior doors are locked and no one is permitted to move through the building until an all clear is given by the authorities. Classes will remain quiet and still in their rooms with the door locked and the window in the door covered.

Hold & Secure

  • In the event that a dangerous situation is occurring in the neighbourhood, the authorities may request that the school lock their exterior doors and windows and stop all entry and exit from the building. Recess and other outside activities would not occur. Students would not be released, even to parents/guardians, without the permission of the local authority.


  • If a situation which requires evacuation of the school were to occur (e.g., flood, fire), we will take the students at Tony Rose sports centre.