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Nutritional Information

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School Food and Beverage Policy Overview

The School Food and Beverage Policy requires that all food and beverages offered for sale in Ontario’s publicly funded elementary and secondary schools for school purposes comply with the requirements set out in the policy, including the nutrition standards, by September 1, 2011.


The nutrition standards apply to all food and beverages sold in all venues (e.g., cafeterias, vending machines, tuck shops/canteens) through all programs (e.g., catered lunch programs), and at all events (e.g., bake sales, sports events).

The standards do not apply to food and beverages that are:

  • offered in schools to students at no cost
  • brought from home or purchased off school premises and are not for resale in schools
  • available for purchase during field trips off school premises
  • sold in schools for non-school purposes (e.g., sold by an outside organization that is using the gymnasium after school hours for a non-school-related event)
  • sold for fundraising activities that occur off school premises
  • sold in staff rooms.