Report Cards uploaded andEnd of June News

Posted June 27, 2023

Report Cards have been uploaded to the Parent Portal – please see attached instructions if you have not yet accessed your child’s report. Access Report Card In Parent Portal

Important Dates to Note:

✏ Office Open for New Student Registrations

Wednesday , Aug 30, 2023

✏  FIRST Day of School

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

FIRST School Council Meeting and Elections – Thursday, September 14, 2023 @ 7 pm

PA Days and Holidays are on the Calendar!

Check the website for dates and news after August 29th!

A Message from the Office

As usual we have some staff changes for the fall:

We welcome Ms. Cutrone (gr. 6), Mrs. Bilton (gr. 7/8), Kirstin Thomson (Planning time) who will be joining our staff for September. 

Jane Ormond (retiring)

Andrea Schneider (Educational Assistant)

Christine Little (Primary planning)

Amy McVittie Grade 1/2

Caroline Cartile (French)

Jennifer Lannan LRC 16 and Science and Technology

Michael Holmes LRC 10

Kim Hood (Kindergarten Planning)

Jayson Sy (Grade 6 and intermediate)

Carlo Zanette (Primary planning)

Brandon Eyer (Grade 5)

Danielle Dennis (Resource)

John McMurdo (Grade 7/8)

Jennifer Jager (grade 4/5 going on leave)

Lindsay Dickerson (Assistant Office Administrator)

These staff have worked tirelessly to help support the school and of course, our children through learning and extracurricular activities, in brief! 

Tentative Staff for Next September


Grade/Position Staff
JK/SK Meaghan Jones/ Jennifer Kidd
JK/SK Erin Fennema/ Stacey Houle
JK/SK Jennifer Cook/Debbie Hasson
1 Kim Kelterborn
1 Cathie Moynihan
1/2 Kathy Sickle
2/3 Kal Marshall
2 Melanie Stevens/Tara Kelly
3 Jacqueline Coniglio
3/4 Ashleigh Cass
4 Jeremy Allen
4/5 Rachel Cameron/Tara Kelly
5 Marcy Dubuc
5/6 Meredith Grant
6 Samantha Cutrone
7/8 Carrie Zamora
7/8 Tara Bilton 
7/8 Terri Sambol (0.5), Lisa Cornish (0.4)
LRC 16 Melissa Roth
LRC 10 Leta Vos
Teacher Librarian Susan Vaz
Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) Melissa Roth 
SERT Lisa Cornish Primary/Junior 
Core French Lisa Adams-Faieta
Core French Terri Sambol
Planning Luciana DeSantis
Planning Sarah Lush
Planning Tara Kelly
Planning Kristin Thomson
Child and Youth Counsellor (Wed/alt Fri)) Samantha Ainscough
Educational Assistants Chas Douglas, Grace Ling, April Elmes, Jessica Roos, Meghan Cushnie, Hiba Krayem
Custodian Marcela Bota
Office Coordinator Kayla Bulmer

Thank you, also, parents and guardians for being part of the team, working with us and supporting your child! It truly takes a village!

To keep learning happening over the summer – READ, COUNT, ADD, SUBTRACT, PLAY OUTSIDE – notice math, reading and art in the community and on your outings. Take your child grocery shopping!  Have them help around the home with jobs and chores. Show your child how you use reading and math in everyday life! Visit your local Library Branch, Green space (including the Taylor Evans Forest!), Humane Society, river, etc. Sincerely and best wishes for a safe and active summer,

Mr. Keesmaat, Mr. Wagner and Mrs. Broadhead

Suggested School Supplies for September


Hello families! Here are some suggested items that you can send with your child for the first day of school! 

We know some families are experiencing tough times. School will always have supplies for your child! If you would like support in getting any or all of these supplies ready for your child for September, please email [email protected] during the week of August 28th. We have access to resources for things like backpacks, indoor shoes, and school supplies to help out!.

Grades 1, 2, 3 

Please help your child label all clothing and belongings!

extra pencils and erasers                    soft pencil case         headphones/earbuds

pencil sharpener (optional)             pencil crayons (Gr. 2 & 3)

reusable water bottle (labeled with name) Indoor shoes            water-based markers

Facial tissue (i.e. Kleenex)                             1 glue stick per term

Grades 4 – 8   ***Please Label All of Your Supplies***

Facial tissue (i.e. Kleenex)     calculator                  ruler

Binder with dividers  (not for grade 4 or grade 5)   soft pencil case         pencil crayons

1 pair of scissors               headphones/earbuds gym bag with gym clothes & deodorant

1 glue stick per term              protractor                  reusable water bottle

Intermediate  – lock for locker     binder paper

extra pencils, erasers, pens 



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