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CCVI Safe and Inclusive Resources

Our Centennial CVI Anti-Bullying Pledge

At Centennial, We choose to appreciate our school-wide diversity and to promote the inclusion of all, while respecting ourselves and others. 

Today and Always, I will stand up for others because everyone is of equal importance and value.

Student Resources
Throughout the year CCVI works to build an equitable and inclusive community for all.
New Spartans – Transition
Focus Weeks
Participation in Upper Grand District School Board Initiatives
Student Leadership
All students are invited to participate as leaders with the school’s Student Leadership Council (SLC). The SLC includes Academic Council, Arts Council, Events Council, Link Crew, Social Responsibility Council, Spartan Equity Acceptance and Diversity (SEAD), Sports Council, and Student Council.
First Nations Métis Inuit (FNMI)
Students can self-identify as FNMI by visiting Guidance and completing a short form. Self-identification opens up opportunities for students such as conferences, scholarships and art events for FNMI students.
Spartan Equity & Diversity (SEAD Council) meets Wednesdays at lunch in A201 to discuss and promote ideas relating to equity and diversity.
Contacts: Jennifer Phillips ([email protected]), Jennifer Manzo ([email protected])
International Culture
As CCVI is such as Diverse School & we have many interested students in participating in our Culture School Events that we now have many groups including:
BIPOC  – Black Indigenous Peoples of Colour, DESI – South-Asian Student Association,  Muslim Student Association, East/Southeast Asian Student Association
At CCVI, we have zero tolerance for bullying. If a student is witness to, or a victim of bullying, they are encouraged to report the incident to a CCVI staff member OR anonymously using the UGDSB online reporting tool at
A faith-based calendar is posted in the office and used to inform staff and students of monthly holy days.
A team of professionals is available including Social Worker & CYCs (Child & Youth Counsellors). Check Mental Health/Well-Being Resource Poster with Links (Posted in the school)
CCVI is a Platinum Eco-School.  We continue to work at keeping our indoor and outdoor spaces as places we can be proud of using and living in. We have a community garden, outdoor class space and help maintain a three-tier waste management system (waste, recycling and backyard composting).

Contact:  CCVI  519-821-0360