PARKING REQUEST We ask that if families are picking up or dropping off students that they park in the north parking lot. Please do not park, drop off or pick up students in the bus lanes at entry or dismissal time.


  • Are encouraged to participate at Centennial Hylands
  • Please call the school if you are interested in helping out
  • All volunteers and visitors are to sign in at the Front Office and receive your Security Label

MILK PROGRAM We have a Milk Machine which sells both white and chocolate milk. Tokens can be purchased in advance at the cost off 0.80 each or the machine takes 1.00 in coins. Orders Sheets can be picked up and left in the office.

MEDICATION Just a few notes about Board policy on medication for students. All medication needs to come to the office in its original container, clearly labeled with the student’s name, the dosage to be given and the name of the medication. For the safety of the whole student body, medication should not be left in lunch containers or school bags where others might access. There is a form that must be completed and can be obtained from the school office.

LOST AND FOUND Each year we collect hundreds of dollars worth of boots, shoes and other clothing. At the end of each term, the found items are displayed for students and parents to view. Items that are not claimed are eventually donated to a local charity. We encourage you to label your children’s clothing in order to assist us in returning items to their owner.

SCHOOL RECORDS & STUDENT INFO. Accurate school records are extremely important to the health & welfare of our children. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure that the school has accurate records concerning your child. Changes of telephone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, inclement weather billets, etc. need to be reported to the school so that our records are accurate and up-to-date.

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